Talking about My Generation

I am reading the time. 22.25.
Have been home an hour, eaten some home made ratattouille, watched ‘Mock the Week’ and the News.
Compassion for the Lockerbie Libyan and free elections in Afghanistan. Bolt running to become the fastest man alive – how do we know that? – and cricket. Sometimes I weary at the way news is put together. The new crew of decision makers creating our mind set.
Last night I took a young woman to ‘The Ivy’ to celebrate her GCSE’s, she hasn’t got her results yet, but I felt it was my duty to remind her that there was nothing she could do about her performance now and it didn’t matter anyway.

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Yawn free

23.51. Two new clothes racks for the flat. Jim brought them to the Arcola and we loaded them into my little red Nellie. B and I ate a massive turkish meal, opposite the thatre, choked on cake and laughter then met up with Zoe and Corin the middle kids, who had been to see Jim. … Read more

Mondays child was full of grace

CLEA MYERS has written a book called TWEAK THE DREAM. It is a harrowing account of her struggle with addiction.The woman is full of grace. Today she came onto the show and made me cry with her courage and fortitude. Please buy it to support her. We talked about parks being eroded by property developers … Read more


One pineapple. One avocado. Two crispbreads and butter. One bowl of Special K with milk. One glass of water with two vitimin c tablets – orange flavour. One helluva day. One big 6 foot bed. One night ahead. One more thursday gone. Two you good night.

Never the less

HAIRSPRAY. Not as good as the original cast but nevertheless a good night. SUPPER. Not as good as last night but nevertheless it filled my belly. LBC. Not as good as yesterday but nevertheless it filled the airwaves. JIM. Not as good as being here but nevertheless he’s still on the end of the line. … Read more

Bon Bon Bonne

I had an ugly walk in this morning. Every turn ended up in a small street with no sun. Then I took a bus that didn’t go anywhere so I got out at Vauxhall bus station and took another l’autoboose to Waterloo. The show was funny. We talked about snoring until I nearly choked on … Read more

tiredness kills….

Just because Ms Widdicombe is a politician it doesn’t make her exempt from nerves. We come from opposite sides of the floor but she is a lovely woman. she is sitting in for James O’Brien who is on holiday this week. She talked very briefly to me about facing that black hole of emptyness when … Read more

Hair brained

There was a man in my hair dressing salon this morning having his eyebrows dyed. I closed my eyes and listened to the fatuous conversation of the women around me. The vocabulary was straight out of an American sit-com. Whatever! Upwards inflections all over the place, Wag accessories and a blinding need to look and … Read more

It’s raining and downandoutpouring…

I blitzed the bathroom, cleaned the fridge and talked to Sybil in LA-LA-land for a long time. Then I had a ‘doughnut’ peach, almonds, a mug of Heinz Tomato soup, a slither of onion and some crackers. Not necessarily in that order.
When the rain started it felt like a little summer shower, but now, three hour later, it feels like I’m in Sumatra and the Monsoon has begun.
Pam from Molsey sent me lots of lovely veg from her allotment, which I am cooking up for Jim’s supper. he’s staying in the flat with me tonight to sort the computer out.

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Quinoa for the Queenoa

My acupuncturist put cups on my back, needles in my feet and a cushion under my head.
She said she had to re-direct energy from other parts of my body because I was so exhausted.
Now I have no energy in my liver but loads of energy in my ear lobes….

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