Quinoa for the Queenoa

My acupuncturist put cups on my back, needles in my feet and a cushion under my head.
She said she had to re-direct energy from other parts of my body because I was so exhausted.
Now I have no energy in my liver but loads of energy in my ear lobes….

The work is getting harder and harder as I get nearer and nearer to my holiday.
You lot are away so the calls are thinner and the topics rarer.
Today we did epilepsy. The last caller made me cry. Imagine a woman with four children all dis-abled in one way or another?
Then we did funerals and burials and jazz bands that can play you into heaven.
The last hour was about children and creativity. I talked to the Childrens Poet Laureate Anthony Brown who says that art is as important as numeracy and literacy.
of course it is. If we don’t pull our finger out soon our children will have no imaginations at all and the globe will turn into one huge ipoohed…..
I need my stir fry and quinoa, then my bed. I am turning into a bore.