tiredness kills….

Just because Ms Widdicombe is a politician it doesn’t make her exempt from nerves. We come from opposite sides of the floor but she is a lovely woman. she is sitting in for James O’Brien who is on holiday this week. She talked very briefly to me about facing that black hole of emptyness when the calls don’t happen I told her the fear never goes away.
So the idiot Adolph’s crass book ‘Mein Kampf’ has been given the go ahead to be re-published. I didn’t know whether it would take off as a topic but of course it turned into a debate about censorship, freedom of speech and history not repeating itself.
Paul Roseby came in and talked, so eloquently, about the National Youth Theatre, and young people being brave and fearless, he made me want to try out for Cleopatra…
Then it was shyness, particularly in men. LOVE SHYNESS….so many delightful men called to shared their blushing with me…
But I left the cottage at 5.30 this morning, the result is I am totally cream-crackered, I’m off for a cuppa and a stick of celery I’m too tired to eat.
Have a fine night.

3 thoughts on “tiredness kills….”

  1. I think you should turn that book into “Mein Camp” and get Cameron McIntosh to turnit into a musical starring Graham Norton…..

  2. Hi Jeni,
    Is it me or is there more swearing creeping into out tv programmes? the usual words keep cropping up. Yesterday afternoon on Come Dine with me,a four letter word beginning with A.
    Last week on C4, two programmes before 8pm also had swear words in. Is it time to reinstate the Mary Whitehouse crusade to clean up TV. Never hear bad language on radio so why on TV?.

  3. We should never forget the last world war,or indeed the other wars that stab our world with their awful wounds, and I know many millions died for our freedom, which we seem to take so lightly these days. I’ve never read Mein Kampf and don’t really want to read what a hateful mind like Hitlers came up with. Theres enough hatred in the world. Is it history? Or is it the seeds of genocide re-visited? I wish I’d heard the programme.

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