It’s raining and downandoutpouring…

I blitzed the bathroom, cleaned the fridge and talked to Sybil in LA-LA-land for a long time. Then I had a ‘doughnut’ peach, almonds, a mug of Heinz Tomato soup, a slither of onion and some crackers. Not necessarily in that order.
When the rain started it felt like a little summer shower, but now, three hour later, it feels like I’m in Sumatra and the Monsoon has begun.
Pam from Molsey sent me lots of lovely veg from her allotment, which I am cooking up for Jim’s supper. he’s staying in the flat with me tonight to sort the computer out.

The show travelled from pensioners losing their free travel to living your dream to children being exploited on the telly, it ticked over nicely and you made some salient points like: pensioners deserve free travel given everything they have put into the country. When they introduced free travel in Belgium the number of people leaving their cars behind and using public transport went up 1,319%. I rest my case.
Pam’s potato, beans, courgette, cucumber, onions and garlic weighed more than a kilo, and I had books and shoes galore so I got lazy and took a taxi to Battersea.
As the rain clouds gathered I stumbled out of the black cab up the stairs and into the flat when, almost immediately I set about the cleaning.
I’ve dribbled in and out of phone calls, reading, tv and cooking. It’s now time to turn Jim’s chops over, finish the veg and settle down for the last bit of my book.
Wherever the moon is tonight, hidden behind the rain clouds, it’s certainly made a lunatic out of me.