Mondays child was full of grace

CLEA MYERS has written a book called TWEAK THE DREAM. It is a harrowing account of her struggle with addiction.The woman is full of grace.
Today she came onto the show and made me cry with her courage and fortitude. Please buy it to support her.
We talked about parks being eroded by property developers and how self-help books can damage your health – bunkum
I went and saw a powerful film called SIN NOMBRE about Mexican gang culture and a family trying to get into America. I had to leave my seat and sit in the third row because the woman in front of me had such a big head I couldn’t see the sub-titles and the geezer next to me was eating crisps, had he sucked them it wouldn’t have been so bad……
I was going out for Chinese but the film filled me up so I took the 19 bus home, watched the ten o’clock news, the repeats of Coronation Street and ate a pineapple.
it’s now 00.39 and time for bed in my clean ironed sheets.
Thank God for My Lady of the Dusters who does for me every Monday. I salute you Sarah L.
p.s. thank you all for your kind comments about Clea’s interview it wasn’t me it was her – she was brilliant, get the book.

2 thoughts on “Mondays child was full of grace”

  1. Jenni is the first Broadcaster I have met since my book pre-launched on Amazon in May 2009. Before I went into the studio, Jenni actually got up, came out into the corridor and gave me a big, huge, warm hug. She put me so at ease and was compassionate on a level that I have never witnessed before, and certainly not within the entertainment industry. All this combined to make our long chat a delight. Discussing my past addiction to crystal meth, and my book I have written about it, results in a mixed bag of emotions, but delight is usually not one of them! Thank you Jenni, you ROCK!!!

  2. Jeni i text you during the show to tell you i was listening to every second of your chat with the remarkable Clea. I went and got her book straight away and haven’t put it down since. I rarely finish books except the brilliant ones! What a story.
    Can’t wait for your return.
    Claire from Teddington.

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