One pineapple.
One avocado.
Two crispbreads and butter.
One bowl of Special K with milk.
One glass of water with two vitimin c tablets – orange flavour.
One helluva day.
One big 6 foot bed.
One night ahead.
One more thursday gone.
Two you good night.

4 thoughts on “1-2”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    One Friday night, last night.
    One glass of red wine or was it 4?
    One sleepless night because of the said red wine (I think)
    One bowl of porridge.
    One slice of toast with Lurpak butter, Bliss…
    One play to see this evening at the Lowry in Salford.
    Have a great weekend and your radio show is great (I think)
    Hymie xx

  2. Please excuse us Jeni!
    Hi Rhianon. Doing fine. Writing lots but painting (walls not portraits) more than I write. In France till 27th then back in London for 2 weeks to do restaurant reviews. Hope all is well with you and Kristen and boys in SA.xxx

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