wednesday already

well I’ve just eaten a whole saucepan of cooked cauliflower, only half the colly mind you.
Went to the YOUNG VIC to see THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. An extraordinary piece. The writer went into a parlour of prostitutes, recorded them, and tonight we witnessed four actresses , wearing headphones, recreating their voices and lives. An actor played all the male punters.
It was sad, funny, touching and rude. Siddhi and I enjoyed it but it was definitely unsettling. I’m interviewing the director and one of the actresses on the show tomorrow.

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New Compooter news

This is my very first entry on my new computer. It’s big it’s fast and I’ve got to get used to the different keyboard and the new commands.
There’s no END button and as far as I can tell there’s no delete thingy when I’m writing me whatsit, but apart from that I’m as swift as Mr. Bill Gates and twice as nimble.

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Hair today and gone tomorrow

Okay so many of us know about Alopecia, but how many of us know that jaw realignment can make the difference between a bald pate and a good head of hair.
I was so shocked when Dr.Mohammed talked to me on the show that we put all his details up on the lbc website. Fascinating and wonderfully obvious. Send blood to the brain and your follicles will get a good h-airing.
He talked of breathing from the belly, he talked of skeletal symmetry, he talked of the number of people he had cured of all sorts of things from MS to ME to Alopecia.
When I told my acupuncturist about my new findings she reminded me that old Chinese Medicine talks of putting needles in the patient to stimulate blood to the brain.
So what goes round comes round.

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Say it Again Sam

Dear Ann, as a matter of fact Siddhi is half Iitalian half Venezulan, she speaks four languages, has lived all over the world her last port of call was Hamburg. Does she call me ‘Jeni the Jew?’ No, but she can if she wants to only she would get the spelling of my name right Anne. I wouldn’t call her the Kraut if she was in the least bit offended. All is well in our unpc world, I am happy to say, so Dear Ann fret not, if I was being racist I would be the first to complain.

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The equation of my mind.

Tonight Siddhi the Kraut and I went to see such a bad play that we dared not look at each other. We left the theatre pretty damn quick. It was an ordeal watching a team of eight actors trying to make a lousy script work. 8 actors trying to work through bad direction on a … Read more

The Sun’ll Come Out Tamari.

When Tristram Stuart was born the angels must have known he was destined for great things.
He is an inspiration. A maverick. A darn nice dude. A scavenger, activist, Cambridge Graduate, long-haired protester and a FREEGAN.
So what is a Freegan?
It’s a Tristram Stuart type bloke who takes waste food from the supermarkets and proves that there is life after a sell by date. He does not encourage everyone to eat out of a skip but he asks us all to be aware that millions and millions of human beings on this Planet are malnourished. We can all help by not being so greedy. WASTE NOT WANT NOT. If the health and safety merchants took the thumb screws off retailers so that food, which is perfectly edible, gets distributed to the needy rather than being thrown away, binned, dumped, elbowed WASTED we would all be better off. The thought of so much waste gives me a belly ache, what Tristam does is write about it. Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal is an important read, a book for you, your children and grandchildren so that we can really start to make a dent into food porn.
I was delighted to see that he lives about ten minutes away from the cottage in The Ashdown Forest. I cannot wait to meet him, hug him and sign up as a card carrying member of the no waste brigade. His quote was as simple as this:
as simple as that.

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Noisy Numpties

Please forgive me for a moment I just have to change out of these clothes I’ve been strapped into all day; a pair of black leggings with pink flowers over a pair of shiny tight M&S keep you thinner pants, a fancy schmancy bra with gawd knows how many sparkley bits and bows on and a long- vest-type-t-shirt-come-see-through-tunic-number that makes me look taller, thinner and not a little like a Greek Matriarch. I’ll put my hair up in a band and be right back with you….
That’s better I can breathe now.
I’m wearing one black sarong, its got red and gold trimmings. With one quick pull to both sides I put my thumbs between the material chin the excess cloth on my chest and then make a deft bow. My hair is up in a hairdressers silver clip now so I am utterly unemcumbered.
I am cool, I am calm and hopefully the Electricity Board have collected my payment, the automated woman couldn’t understand my answers it may have had something to do with my tone – I was screaming at her – well why not she’s a sodding robot for Gods sake.

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Turn the ‘age

Dear Fee, I knew it was James Stewart in ‘Rear Window’, I can see his face and hear his voice. But I got caught up in something in the kitchen and Peckory Greg got top billing.
Watching footage of Fern Britton leave ‘Good Morning’, hearing about Jo Whiley being superceded by Fearne Cotton, reading about Arlene Phillips being sidelined for Alesha Dixon, made my heart hamnmer in my chest. However you cut it ageism is so rife now that people are getting used to it and treating people like moi with the disrespect we don’t deserve
One of my managers at LBC said that Jo, at 44, was too old to be presenting a show for young people.
I am appalled at the insensitivity and crassness that surrounds me.
What the friggin’ hell is too old?
To old for what?
Too old to speak or listen?
Too old to sit on a settee and talk to somebody?
Too old to captivate an audience?
Is Dame Judi dench too old to act? Is Nelson Mandela too old to inspire? Is the Pope to old to preach?
All audiences are now being told that TOO OLD starts mid forties! And what kind of personnel manager is making the decision that women are past their sell by date if they were born in the 60’s?

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Bucket Bag Lady

Dear Brighton Belles, so you want more puns in South Africa eh?
Well I’ll do my very wildebest – is that good enough?
Andy, I am not publishing your comment about me and scaremongering and the MMR debate because reading between your lines you want to start a fight and I’m not interested in having a nasty verbal spat with you. If you want to talk to me then do it respectfully or not at all. If you can’t tell the difference between real debate and argumentative sniping I suggest you go and ask somebody clever like Stephen Fry to teach you how to do it….
To Marmite and all my old bloggers it’s lovely that you are still bothering, to my new bloggers – well here goes:

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This morning at 8.30 the new six foot bed arrived. Two big blokes refused tea, took away the old bed and left us with two tons of plastic wrapping and eight wheels that had to be pushed into the bed base. There are two drawers for oddments and a very hard mattress to break in. … Read more