wednesday already

well I’ve just eaten a whole saucepan of cooked cauliflower, only half the colly mind you.
Went to the YOUNG VIC to see THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. An extraordinary piece. The writer went into a parlour of prostitutes, recorded them, and tonight we witnessed four actresses , wearing headphones, recreating their voices and lives. An actor played all the male punters.
It was sad, funny, touching and rude. Siddhi and I enjoyed it but it was definitely unsettling. I’m interviewing the director and one of the actresses on the show tomorrow.

Todays show was full. Makes me feel like I’m worthy when that happens. The first hour was a debate about whether our Police should be allowed to wear Union Jack badges to honour the troops fighting abroad. Just before we went on air Sir Paul Stephenson overturned the ruling that decrees coppers cant wear any kind of emblem. Allegedly somebody had seen the badge on a policeman and decreed it offensive. Many people felt that the Union Jack/Flag has been appropriated by the Right Wing. But the consensus was that the flag was ok we just had to rise above the racist connotations. This prompted a bloke to write in and tell us about a Brazilian initiative which wants to abolish flags all together thus putting pay to Nationalistic bullying.
Th second hour was devoted to wheelchair users. An article written by a journalist who was confined to a wheelchair for six weeks encouraged anybody, who cares about fellow citizens who are wheelchair bound, to scream and scream very loudly until somebody realises that we are an uncaring bunch of hooligans.
Rachel, a 21 year old from Muswell Hill ranted about people who lean on her, literally, folk rest themselves on her shoulders. She is a human being for Gods sake.
The last hour was about weather, where is our summer and why did the meteorologists get it so wrong. To be honest I couldn’t give a cumulus nimbus about the weather, it’s not like we can do anything about it other than perform a rain dance and stop cutting down the rain forests.
The old man is driving back to the cottage, and he intends staying there for the duration of the play. I really am missing him already, although I do get the massive 6 footer all to myself.
I’m nearly used to this pooter but not quite, I don’t know my ‘p’s from my ‘q’s but like everything in life I will get used to it.
Dear June, ta for your comment it gives me the will to carry on.

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