The equation of my mind.

Tonight Siddhi the Kraut and I went to see such a bad play that we dared not look at each other.
We left the theatre pretty damn quick. It was an ordeal watching a team of eight actors trying to make a lousy script work. 8 actors trying to work through bad direction on a rotten set with even worse set changes all clunky and embarrassing. I loathed every amateur moment, even the audience were badly behaved with two lads in front of me playing with their mobile phones.I will not tell you anything else about it it wouldn’t be fair, the only consolation is that I didn’t have to pay for the tickets.
My computer has broken down. I am working on my little tiny lap top, which is difficult to get the hang of.
This is sentence is going to be leftn unchangeed just t give yu ajh idea of how diffi8cuolt the kjeyboard is, if ni try and type at my nirmal speed kjy fihger go all oiver thge opkacfe…..
Today we talked about budget air lines, etiquette and loan sharks. It really upset me that so many gullible people had been ripped off by unscrupulous charlatans.
This morning I worked out the equation of my walk, it goes thus:3b+1s+1p+4l= a square.
Translated into realspeek its: three bridges + one station + one park + four lions = Leicester Square.
Now you know the kind of mind I have.
good night.