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This is my very first entry on my new computer. It’s big it’s fast and I’ve got to get used to the different keyboard and the new commands.
There’s no END button and as far as I can tell there’s no delete thingy when I’m writing me whatsit, but apart from that I’m as swift as Mr. Bill Gates and twice as nimble.

Tonight I went to my acupuncturist who put needles in my toes, finger tips and the side of my head as well as gall bladder 38, she said the last time she gave me this treatment I lost 7lbs. She likes to draw blood so that the treatment is stronger. I walked to the bus stop in double quick time as she had re-activated my thyroid, that’s why I lost weight the last time. I turn into a bloomin Duracell Battery Bunny.
Today we did CROHNS disease. I had no idea how tough it was for people, that nobody talked about it because it involved pooh. All the sufferers said we needed to talk about it more, so we did. Malnutrition was often one of the symptoms, as the body can’t absorb the nutrients that go into the gut, it was a revelation. The courage of you lot who phoned it was noted.
Talking to David Harewood and Lorraine Burroughs about their play MOUNTAINTOP at Trafalgar Studios, was wonderful. Please try and catch them it’s only on for another five weeks.
I’m knackered from too many nights on the town, and I’m out for the next three nights; by the time I take my holiday I will need a holiday.
That’s it until tomorrow…..

3 thoughts on “New Compooter news”

  1. Hi Jeni
    I do so love reading your blog, it’s all in the detail and there is so much detail, right down to your knickers!
    It never fails to lift my spirits so thanks.
    Have a joyful day.
    Love June

  2. Couldn’t agree more Christian! It doesn’t take long to get used to the new stuff and it’s so much nicer to look at … Lyn xx

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