Hair today and gone tomorrow

Okay so many of us know about Alopecia, but how many of us know that jaw realignment can make the difference between a bald pate and a good head of hair.
I was so shocked when Dr.Mohammed talked to me on the show that we put all his details up on the lbc website. Fascinating and wonderfully obvious. Send blood to the brain and your follicles will get a good h-airing.
He talked of breathing from the belly, he talked of skeletal symmetry, he talked of the number of people he had cured of all sorts of things from MS to ME to Alopecia.
When I told my acupuncturist about my new findings she reminded me that old Chinese Medicine talks of putting needles in the patient to stimulate blood to the brain.
So what goes round comes round.

I have made a decision that if I don’t want to lose my hair, my mind or my sense of humour I am going to attempt to garden. I know I have always said I don’t have the patience to deal with the continuing onslaught of weeds and moles but the Government are now suggesting that good mental health for the over 50’s can be achieved by giving each and everyone of us wrinklies an allotment, computer lessons or a set of good books that can form the basis of a reading club.
I want onions, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, blackberries and mangy toots from my own little plot. I want to run through the wet dewy grass, barefoot, I want to sit under my apple trees and breath in clean Sussex air. I want a bucolic life that has cucumber sandwiches at dawn and camomile tea at dusk but I work in the smoke five days a week so when the old git suddenly lands the lead in the next Spiderwoman sequal I shall live my rural idyll and pigs can fly, or should I say the swine flew….
It’s 11.30, I await the return of the wandering minstral so that we can argue over whether to buy a new PC, a small mac box or a big mac, with french fries and a coke please…

5 thoughts on “Hair today and gone tomorrow”

  1. Maybe if we stuck some pins into those MP’s we would get
    some balance,
    Oh they already stick pricks in each other dam…

  2. I do so agree that keeping the mind active is important for the over 50s. Its too easy to get into the “I’m too old to do/learn/understand that”.
    Got big veg plot here in France. Been working on the house so have no time to look after it. Have a go if you can. Nothing like warm toms from the vine, a juicy slug fresh from the lettuce and a tasty rabbit just off the herbs. Ohhh, to be a farmer!

  3. I second the recommendation for a Mac – I was given a PowerBook (laptop) about five years ago, loved it and swiftly replaced all my other PCs with Macs, convinced my work that they were the bees knees and even converted my parents!!
    If it’s for more than occasional use, may I recommend a 24″ iMac? Beautiful and sheer joy to use. (Fries and coke optional!)
    Happy shopping.

  4. hi
    could you please give me the contact details of Dr Mohammed. i really impressed with his talk on your program lbc about alopecia. i wanted to see him. please e-mail me his details if possible at [email protected].
    thanks, bak

  5. How are ya, Jen?
    You know, sometimes it seems like everything in life is a laugh, right? A smiley time. And I love those times, I really do, who doesn’t?
    Other times, well, you know, it doesn’t pay to put words to it. Not real words, anyway.
    I hope you’re fine and well, and Kirsten is doing great, and that June, Chrissie, Marmite and the boys in South Africa are all happy and well.
    Lets have a great summer, eh? A time when we don’t have to worry, when peace builds it’s towers around us and protects us. What do you say?
    Yeah, Lets have a good summer.
    Happy summertime to everyone!

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