Alls Well That Ends well

First things first, lets not go down the route of bullying each other again. Scientists have a place, natural practitioners have a place, parents have a say in what they do with their children. I have a say in what I want – or dont want – put into my body. As a democratic Nation we should all be allowed to think what we want to think, say what we want to say, and live as we wish to live without offending anybody else. So no more nasty sniping please.
The swine flu outbreak is the next big thing health wise. Should I be vaccinated? It’s a knotty question, the scaremongering has certainly frightened me, as I am sure it has done to many others. We need a reasoned, honest approach to this so called pandemic.
I do not want to be duped into giving yet more money to the drugs companies.
I do not want to be filled full of flu unless I really know that it is safe .
I am concerned and I will be doing it on the programme.

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Bee’s buzzed off.

First it was movng all B’s stuff from Brixton to East Sussex. I spent a whole day sorting socks, pants, bras, t-shirts, scarves, socks, t-shirts, pants, track suits, scarves and 53,000 trainers. From Battersea to Brixton from Brixton to East Sussex, a little lawn mowing to keep me grounded. Today it was East London to … Read more

Thaid Up

I walked in really fast this morning.
I stopped off in a chemist in Victoria and bought really expensive blister plasters. Buy cheap buy twice. I bought a packet of three from Asda and they were about as effective as slapping a kipper on my soul.
The chemist assistant and I had a bit of a banter about the high pollen count. Me blowing my nose to prove that I really was pollenated.
Then through St. James Park – why are the Japanese so obsessed by the squirrels – I want to yell they’re rats by any other name, but then it was into the National Portrait Gallery for breakfast.
If you sit at the third table in you can look up at the blue sky through the glass roof. The Nepalese waitress swore she knew me but then she said that all us caucasions look the same to her. I had yoghurt and granola and a calming tea which was sorely needed after yesterday.

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Frozen River

I bought new blister plasters from a chemist in Soho.
Got to LBC Towers ripped off the old elastic bandaids and replaced them with my newly minted cushioned one.
Oh the joy of being flat-footed again.
Coming home on the tube I positively smiled as I shuffled along with the rest of the great unwashed. No more hobbling or limping for me.
After work I met up with Jayne an ex make-up artist of mine. She has aubergine hair, white skin and the most exquisite wolf-like blue eyes, she looks like a Japanese/Caucasion Geisha, it’s lovely sitting oppostie her.
We talked about her love life, it was not easy.

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Flat broke…

I’m not one to complain about the weather but my flat is so hot it’s making me irritable. I have a fan in the bedroom but the air is hanging like a cheap rainbow nylon sheet. We have the balcony doors open and I’m wearing nothing but my modesty, the trouble is when I sit … Read more

thursday phew

two eggs, no socks, Mama Mia last night. despite my miserable countenance I really enjoyed it. Tonight Its Arcadia with the old git. It had better be air conditioned…. I have a tiny little German staying with me at the moment, she is so small I feel like John Wayne. Yee Ha! Move em up … Read more