Saturday in Battersday

A trip to Battersea Park Road.
Up seven flights of stairs each landing stinking of pee….
Into a little flat to look at some material for Sunday’s International Womens day gig.
It’s not the colour I ordered but I’m sure my lovely Shakeel will do the trick.
Down in the lift.

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Waterloo sunset.

This morning I legged it to Clapham Junction, took the train to Waterloo and walked over Huntingford Bridge.
The air was clear. St. Pauls, The Gherkin and the OXO Tower were stark white against a blue sky.
Most people walking towards me were smiling, the rest of us walking into Charing Cross had that purposeful look that workers get when they think they are late.

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February’s nearly gone.

I interviewed Colin Firth this morning. He’s tall and, well tall. Then I did a show, I dont know how I did I was exhausted from the weekend. And then the ‘oosbind and I sorted out my 60th birthday bash. It’s now nine o’clock. I’ve got so much to do that I can’t even begin … Read more

Bulbs a plenty

The pressing need for me to buy a bag of John Innes compost and plant up some left over lame bulbs is now weighing heavily.
So after a sausage sandwich, the ‘oosbind and me will walk up the road and buy the deep, dark soil. Then lunch either on the balcony, if the sun continues to shine, and later some work on AN AUDIENCE WITH which happens in CROYDON on 26th MARCH
Of course it’s a shameless plug, were I STEVE ALLEN I would have filled the place three times over.
But I am not Steve, I am but an ancient mariner crossing the seas of life with nothing but an overdraft and an old git to accompany me.
Last night I went to see KING LEAR at the YOUNG VIC. Second seeing, fell asleep in the same places, but when I was awake it’s exceedingly good.
‘Nothing comes from Nothing’ says the old LEAR. Couldn’t agree more.
At this time in my life it’s better to be in a state of love.
The ‘o’ is The crossword fanatics clue for nothing….
Enough me bulbs need lighting up.

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Enuff already

After the show I took the train back with squirming children everywhere. Half term breeds parents who want to fill their childrens time with The Science Museum, The Battle Ship Belfast and under water aquarium fish in all of three hours. It’s all good, if a little rushed, it’s laudable but not when I need … Read more

Brits and me

i am writing this on my tiny little lap-top that the old man bought and set up for me. I feel like I’m Japanese. I’m sitting in the cottage kitchen, Jim’s winding up his clockwork torch and I’m all yelled out from watching the BRITS. Much too old for screaming youth, although I do like … Read more

Neigh, neigh thrice neigh

Like the proverbial Phoenix I am crawling out of the ashes. I have been battered, bruised, berated and bullied. But now, with the help of my friends and family I am ready to rock and roll. I have a new hair cut. I have my husband back for another few days. I have a daughter … Read more