Brits and me

i am writing this on my tiny little lap-top that the old man bought and set up for me.
I feel like I’m Japanese.
I’m sitting in the cottage kitchen, Jim’s winding up his clockwork torch and I’m all yelled out from watching the BRITS.
Much too old for screaming youth, although I do like a lot of them young folk.
Today I talked to Tony Benn. If I can be as radical and cool as he is at 84 then I will be a very contented oap.
that’s it I’m off to me bed and DEWEY, a fine autobiography about a librarian and her cat. It’s purrfect reading.
Thank you all for welcoming me back.

3 thoughts on “Brits and me”

  1. Dearest Jeni, Its good to have you back from me too. I’ve missed your blogs, you cheer me up all the time! Lots of luv to you and yours xxx

  2. I agree about the educate your child in a week scenario. I went to the Tate Modern today and could hardly move for 5 year olds looking at pictures.
    Don’t stop writing your blog JB, no matter how much people want to bully you and shcream and shcream.
    Keep on keeping on grrll
    xxxx Fee xxxx

  3. Ermm……
    Science. Small minds, Japanese laptops keep getting smaller. explains why the Japanese never really went into manufacturing sex toys.

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