Neigh, neigh thrice neigh

Like the proverbial Phoenix I am crawling out of the ashes.
I have been battered, bruised, berated and bullied. But now, with the help of my friends and family I am ready to rock and roll.
I have a new hair cut.
I have my husband back for another few days.
I have a daughter who has finally decided to do some work.
I have a step-daughter-party-organiser whose doing my 60th.
I have a literary agent who believes in me.
I have a brand new tiny laptop which the old git is setting up for me.
I have a head full of stoires.
I have a head full of exhaustion,
The main thing is I am now back in the saddle.
Shall we have a little canter tomorrow?
I think so.
Hey up from the old nag.

12 thoughts on “Neigh, neigh thrice neigh”

  1. Hello Jeni,
    You and me too!
    Nice to have you back. I’m now able to tune into your radio show and I think’s it’s great, very interesting with many varied topics.
    Kind regards,
    Hymie x

  2. Welcome back 🙂 thought we had lost you in the snow for a while there!
    Don’t let the b*stards get you down Jen we all still love you no matter what you do, say, wear etc etc
    Big hugs to you and ‘im indoors xx

  3. Wonderful to have you back. I’m sure you have loads of ideas yourself, but if you need an idea for a discussion topic, some guys in Ireland (Steorn, of Dublin) have made exciting progress in developing a perpetual motion machine, which could have profound implications for our energy resources in coming years – might be worth looking into.

  4. As you were talking about jam sandwiches today i was making one!
    Now that’s what i call a connection!!
    Great to have you back!

  5. @ Buggy, comment 12, give it a rest will you! Can’t speak for other regular readers of Jeni’s blog but I’m not interested in your nonsense.
    It’s great to see you back blogging Jeni, I missed you!

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