Bulbs a plenty

The pressing need for me to buy a bag of John Innes compost and plant up some left over lame bulbs is now weighing heavily.
So after a sausage sandwich, the ‘oosbind and me will walk up the road and buy the deep, dark soil. Then lunch either on the balcony, if the sun continues to shine, and later some work on AN AUDIENCE WITH which happens in CROYDON on 26th MARCH
Of course it’s a shameless plug, were I STEVE ALLEN I would have filled the place three times over.
But I am not Steve, I am but an ancient mariner crossing the seas of life with nothing but an overdraft and an old git to accompany me.
Last night I went to see KING LEAR at the YOUNG VIC. Second seeing, fell asleep in the same places, but when I was awake it’s exceedingly good.
‘Nothing comes from Nothing’ says the old LEAR. Couldn’t agree more.
At this time in my life it’s better to be in a state of love.
The ‘o’ is The crossword fanatics clue for nothing….
Enough me bulbs need lighting up.


4 thoughts on “Bulbs a plenty”

  1. Jeni
    I heard you talking last week about your old clothes and what to do with them. You said you had a lot of designer stuff leftover from GFL, however if you’ve cut the labels out they won’t sell on ebay very well, so your best bet is to pack them up and give them to your favourite charity shop.
    Isn’t it a bit late to be planting bulbs by the way?
    Keep on keepin on xxx
    Fee xxxx

  2. Jeni, I would honestly come to see you at fairfield, but I’m ill and will not be able to. I am trying to get my mam to go. Please please do one next year, with any luck I’ll be well enough then.I hope so

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