Enuff already

After the show I took the train back with squirming children everywhere. Half term breeds parents who want to fill their childrens time with The Science Museum, The Battle Ship Belfast and under water aquarium fish in all of three hours. It’s all good, if a little rushed, it’s laudable but not when I need leg space after three hours in the studio.
I was opposite a delightful child who pretended to bake cookies until we got to Sevenoaks when she flipped. She wanted her father and no matter how much her dear mother tried to distract her with glove puppets, cooing and eating of the said cookies the childs cheeks got pinker and pinker as she screamed louder and louder. By the time we got to T Wells I was as overcooked as her left over cookies.
I am now in the flat having travelled back to London in convoy with the ‘oosbind. Two bottles of Lucozade later and I’m a but buzzy but it’s lovely to be in Battersea away from the train station, long drives and East Sussex parents who think that filling their children’s head with stage two education will secure their future….
Give ’em a cardboard box and a bag of dolly mixtures and let them get on with it….
You can see I’ve gone mad, I sound like James Whale.
It’s bed time and DEWEY, I need a fix of that cat.

5 thoughts on “Enuff already”

  1. Dear Jeni, Am so glad that everything has gone back to normal,well as normal as ur lovely cheerful happy slightly mad as a hatter blogs can be! I had a romantic weekend away in our caravan with my very non-romantic old man/partner who decked out the van in heart shaped fairy lights, roses and champagne and asked me to marry him! After i had stopped laughing at him, i said yes! Just have to loose a few stone now and as youre an expert on healthy foods and drinks, was wondering if you could give me some ideas? Take Care Kerri xx

  2. Dear Jeni, Ooops I was one of those people visiting the Science Museum (in Manchester though) with my 7 year old grandson, who loved it again for the umpteenth time! Especially lifting a Mini, firing a rocket, and the old warplanes and motorbikes. He then enjoyed pasta at a pizza place, just to round the day off nicely. Grandma and Grandad enjoyed him, enjoying it! Lots a luv x

  3. Er, didn’t you say elsewhere that you have ‘high blood sugar’? This is actually an excess of blood glucose, caused by either an overload of dietary sugar, or an imperfectly-functioning glucose control mechanism.
    Or both, of course.
    And yet in this entry you speak of drinking two bottles of Lucozade!
    Lucozade is concentrated glucose. Possibly the worst thing that someone with elevated blood sugar could consume. No wonder you felt ‘a bit buzzy’ – you were probably extremely hyperglycaemic!
    Please – pack it in. You won’t last long if you don’t. Have your HbA1c checked again.

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