Am I bovvered

It’s a funny old thing how subtly life changes.
Having been a political animal for most of my adult life i’ve arrived at a point where I fear I can’t be bothered.
I can’t be bothered to listen Nigel Farage ranting like a loon. His appropriation of rational debate, his ranting, his misogyny, his condescension, his arrogance, his growing support. I can’t be bothered to care whether Theresa May stays or goes. I can’t be bothered to entertain Esther McVey as the new Tory leader, she with the fascinating hair and policies of poison. I can’t be bothered to watch Jeremy Corbyn become a shadow of a shadow PM. I can’t be bothered to look at the orange buffoon who is single handedly battering American democracy. i say single handedly, he has the likes of the Altright right behind him nudging that huge country into a chaotic mess. Can I be bothered that the European elections are coming? Can I be bothered that ‘Question Time’ has become so facile that the BBC need to replace the head girl who is posing as a chairwoman. She of the mewing inflections, taking prompts in her earpiece then regurgitating them with about as much authority as a limp biscuit. Can I be bothered?
My politics came from a Utopian dream that we were all equal, that kindness and truth prevailed. Am I bothered that social media has concocted a world where we believe everything for an instant then forget it forthwith? Can I be bothered? Am I appalled at the vomit of news that spews out every day? Am I appalled by the state of our schools, our hospitals, our parks, our philosophy?
Of course I am bothered by everything but so overwhelmed by it all that I am like a child moving tiny toys around their desk when a whole room needs tidying. I am overwhelmed, but I guess we are all overwhelmed by our leaders not leading, our governments not governing and the newly funded energy of the Populists who want to destabilise us so they can replace decent society with their disgusting selfish, self serving, short sighted, individualistic, greedy life plan.
Can I still be bothered to care? Should I just hand it over to a Scandinavian child with plaits. Should I continue being outraged or leave the mess to a 93 year old TV naturalist? Should I just roll over and leave it in the hands of the next generations?
If I see one more post about abandoned children, dogs, elephants, seals, trees, peoples, countries, bees I think I might just explode. So how do I regain a sense of optimism and hope? Where to begin – well there are the scientists who are developing a way to re-freeze the melting ice. The rebels who care enough to lie down in the road for me. The swathes of activists picking up plastic, fighting fracking, saving whales, planting trees. To save our planet and our souls, we need to dismantle the very thing that got us into this state. Haven’t I to be the change I wish to see?
Can I be bothered?
I have no choice.

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  1. I wish everyone in the country would read this. You speak more sense than any politician, any commentator, or any analyst.

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