Hello June

May came and went, and I’m not just talking about the month.
My brother got married, we had our wedding anniversary and a pile of birthdays to celebrate – seven Taurus’s in a row. Some got cards, some got texts, a good many phone calls were made.
We had German friends staying for a week, young friends visiting from Bali, new friends sleeping all over the house.
I cooked vegan feasts, vegetarian breakfasts and plant based dinners. I walked a lot and cooked some more.
And so now it’s June.
The sage has purple flowers for the first time ever. Blue, pink and raspberry coloured aquilegia have self seeded all over the garden. The strawberries are flowering, the jasmine is throwing out new leaves and the comfrey has gone flaming mad. The bees love it; the butterflies have been fluttering by the daisies and buttercups and tomorrow I’m planting my bee-bomb- a wonderful bag of wild flowers to encourage even more bees, potting on lupins and geraniums ( gifts from friends ) and awaiting my delphiniums top arrive in the post.
In go the spinach and rocket, in go the beans and courgettes, in go the radishes and lettuces. I’m conscious that I’m getting glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m trying not to waste my time.
I’ve had new photos taken, I’ve had meetings with old allies and ideas a plenty. I’m developing my first novel and have finally got into my routine of meditation and exercising before I can tell myself not to. Tricking myself as I wake up. Throwing out the yoga mat before the other voice interferes and tells me to go downstairs and wait till tomorrow.
Today I mowed the lawn, gives me time to think, instant gratification as the grass looks so neat and tidy in an instant. And as the sun shone my shoulders turned brown.
This evening I tided my cupboard in the attic and found all the letters from the old git from the 70’s. Hand written, in blue ink. He sent me homegrown leeks, which we later discovered was a fancy french love token. Forty two years down the line we argue regularly, snap more readily, laugh and hold hands a lot. We prefer to be with each other as opposed to being without, sometimes I shake him when he’s sleeping just to make sure he hasn’t died mid dream. We should plan for our future, but we don’t. We should be thinking about money in the bank, but we don’t, we should be doing all sorts of bucket list things, but we don’t, which is why our garden is now looking like an entry for Hampton and Chelsea flower shows.
We should be doing all sorts of grown up things but to tell you the truth neither of us can be bothered. He stands end eats breakfast whilst I make my celery juice. We wander through a sunny French market and enjoy the fact that we can stay up till ever so late because we haven’t got any mad dead lines. Tis true that you never retire in our business but winding down is inevitable, as is ageing. Sometimes I want to scream at my missed opportunities but it is what it is.
Last week my hygienist said to me “It wasn’t any kind of stalking, but I looked you up on Google, what an interesting life you’ve had.”
“Itsch not o’er gyet.” I attempted to say , as i dribbled into my bib. And it isn’t.
So happy June everybody and let not Trump destroy our humour.

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  1. Please keep writing your blog Jeni ! I love your views on life and how I can identify with you .

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