Pesach intentions

So, having hit 70 I have no excuses.
The gym beckons
Gardening beckons.
Walking beckons.
Crabs, or should I say carbs, sugar and dairy have gone the way of the duckbilled platypus.
I’m having new publicity pics taken.
I have a new agent.
I’ve written all my thank you letters.
I’ve had my roots done.
I’ve booked the gardener for tomorrow to re-plant all the roses next to the Japonica.
I’ve bought a Passion Flower to climb the walls.
Bought a Gardenia to make me think of Billy Holiday
I’ve bought Jasmine to make the kitchen wall smell nice
I’ve bought a load of Delphiniums to pretend I have a thriving cottage garden.
Today I spring cleaned half the kitchen. Cant reach the ceiling in the other half, so all guests will have to turn North North east.
Planted a scented Viola that the dawter bought me for mothers day.
Tonight I shall watch the telly after picking up the old git from the station.
I applaud the extinction rebels. If I were thirty years younger I would be on the street too.
I’ve just had a cookie and a latte, carbs and sugar.
Blimy my intention only last half a page.
Happy easter y’all

2 thoughts on “Pesach intentions”

  1. Is the soil not alkaline/acid (i’m Not a gardener so I don’t know) enough for a magnolia? Such a brief but beautiful blossom in spring – my time of year starting to edge me into the light!
    Have a splendid time – hope to see you early May ?!

  2. Pesach came and went! Happy birthday once again! Wow! Your daughter is amazing for organising the surprise party! Really lovely!
    I wish you once again a happy and healthy life ahead but be sure to do your part by exercising at least 3 times a week to get your heart racing and also some resistance exercises too with weights etc.
    All my love and hugs,

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