Blank Cards.

I’ve just pulled two blank Angel cards.
I shuffled the pack and kept my emotions at bay. I thought I might get ‘abundance’ or ‘light’ but TWO blank ones turned up.
So now I know my future is in my own hands.
The sun is shining,my feet are cold, and there’s a walk to be had. One hour and three minutes on the back road – past the golf course, down the dip, past two streams, round the bend, past the wood yard, up the hill, past the stream where we found frog spawn 23 years ago. Up the slope past the hazel hedges, round the road, through the outdoor pursuit centre – which always makes me think of Canada – through the avenue, a kiss on my tree and then home…..
I thought I may do all the ironing, and the accounts, but it’s January 1st 2013 and I think I deserve better than being trapped in the cellar with Radio 4.
I am back on air again this week with the lovely Esther producing. I am optimistic that we will have fun.
Last night I went to see THE LIFE OF PI. A film of loss, surrender and 3D tigers. Gods Gift and I sat in the next to back row and nibbled our way through toffee popcorn.
The sound was too low so I had to suck the toffee off the corn as I couldn’t hear the dialogue when I crunched.
Back to garlic/chili prawns tossed in butter and olive oil, a fresh French baguette, a wonderful bottle of crisp Bubbly, then it was 00.00. No time.
We cheered each other. I thanked the old man for helping me out this year with all the trials and tribulations, then at 3.00 fell into bed.
Clean, laundered sheets, the window open for some air and the last sleep of 2012.
May 2013 bring you your very own blank cards after all you can make of it what you will.

2 thoughts on “Blank Cards.”

  1. A blank card shouts loudest. And you got shouted at twice.
    Assuming you shuffled first, then asked your question. But they’re meant to be shuffled first always.
    OK here’s a thought. Sounds a bit deep but it’s not really. Thoughts are just shallow things but they can be powerful. If fate and free will coexist and i believe they do. The existence of one thing can not cancel out the other or its potential. Or we wouldn’t have opposites and potentials. And without opposites we would not know where to find balance.
    All acts of divination have the same underlying message. Surrender to fate or master it. And yet you can’t truly master without surrender.
    Convoluting business this thing called life. A blank card says this clearest.
    Just as you said Jeni – free to make of it what we will. A Bonne Annee 2013 to us all.
    love light

  2. With free will comes the responsibility of using it wisely, doesn’t it? I mean we all have the choice whether to throw a brick through a window, or mug an old lady, or put a bomb under a car, but we none of us has the right to do it. Surrender or master? Good question, L.V. Good question.

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