If I sit with my back to the radiator facing East, the sun shines directly into my eyes.
Sitting cross legged for 30 minutes and my hips are still holding up.
This morning I put ‘Snarky Puppy’ in my ears, wore a pair of onesy jogging shorts, and an old v-neck sweater and set off under the clouds.
First track was a jolly good jog, the second a jolly good walk. The third track a slower jog that uncoiled my mashed up muscle, fourth track a seriously sharp walk, then track five was an amble. I skipped track six to get me to the last piece which marches along very nicely thank you. Imagine being a soldier, having to go up hill, with a back pack but with some serious attitude.
I got home in time for the one o’clock news. I cannot believe the smug, inhumane policies of our Coalition. Their inability to sort selfishness from blind ignorance makes me breathless with anger. I do try and forgive their insanity but I’m afraid I stumble into the default setting of my youth. I am seemingly unable to operate any kind of detachment. Each and everyone of those politicians should be forced to live on the minimum wage, without tax credits, having to travel to work with increased fares, on an overcrowded train, picking up a wage packet that leaves them short at the end of every month, with no possibility of any kind of vacation.
We have voted in the most heartless group of self-servers since the 80’s.
I pray that this year some kind of humanity wins out.
I decanted my newly dehydrated curly kale into a container. Deliciously crispy and salty.
I made a quick lunch, Jimbo made me a fresh coffee, and I am now up in the eyrie working.
The second day of 2013 and at 14.55 I have voted for my Bafta films, organised the next step in my writing, changed into my pj’s and pulled the research book off the shelf that sets me up for Chapter Three. Tomorrow I have my first meet with Esther who has taken over the show for three months – cannot wait – and pulled my Angel card – which demands that I be honest.
Apparently when you are honest it is reflected in your aura which becomes crystal clear. I have to ‘look within’ and purify murky thoughts and feelings, not easy when I am working within an organisation that has been murkier than the murkiest swamp for the last however many years.
I can honestly say I will do my best to operate with integrity. I always have, and look where it’s got me, still
my affirmation for the rest of the day is
‘I am honest in word and deed’.

3 thoughts on “Honesty”

  1. Sweetheart – as always a breath of fresh air on my first day back to work. On Twitter I am following Josh Lyman (a fictional character in The West Wing) but it is a fasttrack insight into US politics and the recent fiscal cliff debacle. The GOP is as bad as this Coalition and self serving could be just as easily ascribed to them.
    Any advance on a new animal in the home mix?
    Hope to see you soon – love to Jim and B. L xxx

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