5 thoughts on “thanks”

  1. Jeni,
    You and your dear mother are constantly on our minds as we are following the twists and turns that u are going through with her and all that u are doing for her, as u express your heartfelt feelings in your blogs (or ‘diary’). Sadly I lost my mother when she was far too young and understand the feeling of the unknown. As long as they are around one still has the chance to honour them and repay them for the life and security they provided for us as children.
    The deed of honouring ones parents is only possible whilst they are still with us and we need to do what we can as the clocks tick…
    May G-d send her a speedy recovery and she should go from strength to strength and be around for many years to come.
    (Have u considered the SatNav?!)
    All my love,

  2. Wish we could do more than just send love to you. You know you always have that, but it’s so little to offer in such somber times.

  3. The best of luck dear Jeni with this whole week on air. We’ll keep our ears cocked! Who else would be suited to stand in for Vanessa but u?! Yum!!

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