Happy New Year

It has been twelve days since writing this blog as I have been utterly rushed off my feet.
I tried to re-write the 12 days of Christmas but by the time I got to ‘3 Fur lined Gloves’, and ‘5 cell phone rings’ I gave up.
On Christmas Eve I did a four hour show for the Beeb. Georgio Locatelli and James Corrigan brought in so much food and drink by the time I got to Charing Cross my goose was aready cooked.
I arrived home just in time to eat B’s Christmas Eve meal and hear the news that my German girlfriend had missed her plane on account of the bottle of wine she had imbibed on her own, she overslept and missed the flight from Hamburg.
There was one mouth less to feed.
Christmas day was less wrapping paper than normal and more Champagne than usual.
From Boxing day until today I have been working. A quiet office, a team of dedicated radioheads and an audience who have bothered to call in despite their dyspeptic stomachs.
The Christmas tree started out all green and piney and ended up looking all grey and spindley. There with more needles on the floor than an arboretum in Berkshire. We chucked it out two days after christmas.
Gods Gift drove us up for New Years Eve, we stayed in The Charlotte Street hotel as the Beeb couldn’t find us a bed for the night. The Holiday Inns and Travel Lodges had single beds and mould whilst the Charlotte Street Hotel had a double bed and fresh apples in the foyer.
I sent the ‘oosbind off last night as I was so tired and the rain was coming down in arcloads.
I watched Sherlock Holmes and Ab Fab and fell asleep after room service had brought me up a bowl of soup, three slices of bread and a bill for twenty quid.
The show today was the longest three hours of 2012 and the train ride home bumpy.
I left my bag on the train seat until a lovely young man handed it to me and told me it was the second time he had rescued an old dame in distress.
I had some delicious folk on the show from Jasmine Birtles who teaches in a Sunday School and helps people out with their financial woes.
I had Susie Pearl on and her yellow and pink, tourquoise and orange book:’INSTRUCTIONS FOR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS’ which had me hyperventilating into my camomile tea.
I had the brothers CAINER on DAN and JONATHAN, who spoke and sung about the year that was and the year that will be. Jonathan Cainer told us to look out for VENUS which will swing pass the SUN on JUNE 6th of this year. Making it auspicious.

Whether we like it or not we will live to see 2012 despite what the Myans had to say about the end of the world.
The Olympics and the Royal Jubilee will lift our spirits, according to Mr. Cameron, and the Mayoral trio of Paddick, Livingstone and Johnson will battle it out in May. By the time we get to June 6th we’ll know whether we’ll be paying more or less for our travel depending on what wing of Mayor we get in.
With the help of all my lovely Crankologists I intend getting myself fit and healthy ready for the leap year before us and January 23rd when The Year of the Dragon begins.
Can anything be worse than the last couple of years? I don’t think so, and if we are what we think – I think I will think good thoughts more often than not.
My mother has settled in a little bit more, still anxious, still confused, but smiling through it. The ‘oosbind is filming in Caerphilly Castle when he should be jetting out with us to New York, but hey ho it’s an actors life for him.
The daughter and I leave on January 18th, the thermals are packed and the expectations are flying high.
I am working until that day then its a break until the end of January.
It has been a tricky 24 months but as always I’ve survived it still lived to tell the tale.
I’m going in now for supper of soup and salad round the table with them, then its feet up and my own bed for a good long sleep.
I wish for you everything you wish for yourselves in 2012.
I wish you health.
I wish you happiness.
And I wish you abundance.
Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Thank you, Jeni. I don’t often post but wanted to thank you for brightening my Sunday mornings when I missed you so much on LBC. In fact I miss much that used to be LBC and find myself moving back to the Beeb. You’ve achieved that for me and I thank you. You are such a survivor and so honest that you make me feel much less of a failure during tough times. L’shana tova for 2012 – be well and don’t go away.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Help, please, could you tell me what CD the song Misty Blue by Etta James[?] is on, you played it Sunday 1st January and I loved it. Also the song Grateful sang by Frank Loman is that on a CD? Hope you can help.
    Wishing you and all the lovely bloggers here a healthy and joyful New Year.
    Love June

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