Pre Nup Nerves.

So much has happened between now and then that I don’t know whether I am coming or going.
I have had in incredibly silly reaction to the London air having come back from the cottage.
Sneezing, itching, coughing and then nothing. Under the trees whilst driving past Battersea Park and I was wracked with a huge hacking cough that started my eyes streaming and my nose running and then nothing.
Today I woke up without the old git, he drove home last night after our evening with BONNIE ODDIE at Jacksons Lane Arts Centre.
A cold Highgate night saw several turn out to support the brilliant Oddie and her dancers.

She is doing one more performance tonight, she and her young team and Ricardo Dasilva, her male dancing partner who is so beautiful and funny, so fine and precise, that the two of them were as fluid as Fred and Ginger, and as edgy as a hooded crew from Lewisham.
I don’t know anybody who puts on dance shows, but if you are reading this and want to mount an inspired evening of young, intelligent, superb dancers then let me know.
It was a cold evening and the ‘oosbind and I shivered as we stopped a passing van driver to decode the parking signs for us.
‘Make sure you’re gone by 10.00.’ he said, ‘They are like vultures here waiting to snoop. One minute past the hour and your nicked.’
Permit holders only could park for two hours in the lunchtime slot, Why? It’s beyond me.
After three days of sunshine in our garden the London night air stabbed through my theatre clothing.
Easter was good, food and a garden full of people. Old, young, babies and drummers. A good mix of family and friends and cheese cake from New York.
Tomorrow I am seeing Clever Trevor, I just hope the Royal transport System doesn’t let me down.
Then from 4-8 I am in Battersea High Street with Eddie Nestor and the drive time team. London 94.9 is where you should superglue your radio dial. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m sure somebody does. I am having a fluttering of pre-nuptial nerves….
So whether you love em or not, enjoy tomorrow and hope to see you round a tressle table of two in Battersea.

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  1. Hi Jeni
    Battersea High St was amazing on Friday but not as amazing as you darling girl! You looked fab!! BUT even more fabulous was Eddie Nestor’s suit!!! I just loved the colour.
    It was great seeing how it’s all done.
    Best wishes

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