26 degrees in Regents Park

I had a delicious walk through Regents Park, past full blown blossom, huge chestnut trees, cranes on the canal bank, noisy mallards, a Mosque, picnics full of orthodox Jews celebrating passover, toy dogs and several lunchers eating their sandwiches in the sun. So many smiles today .
I had coffee on St. Johns Wood High Street, then got a call from two folk I had forgotten I was meeting in Battersea Square. So….

I took the Jubilee line to Waterloo and the little train to Clapham Junction. Walked in the hazy sunshine to the flat. Changed my clothes and met my two lovely friends for hot mint tea and olives in the square.
Back to the flat for home made pea soup and the biggest salad this side of Cos. Good conversation and a visit from the daughter. She is staying in the spare room and my guests have gone back to Sarf London. The old man is back home and I’m preparing for my last day sitting in for Vanessa.
It’s been a full growth week. With ups and downs tomorrow its Christian Dion talking about the Royal Wedding, Ana Isobel talking about biodynamic gardening, Heather Phillips talking about choirs, and much much more.
A Post Script to Joanna, I only publish comments on my blog that enhance a debate, make me laugh, are intelligent, witty, fun or interesting. Your comments, Joanna are crass and abusive. There is no way on earth I will publish you on my very own blog. If you want to rant and be rude, if you want to upset people without the slightest thought of how much you hurt their feelings, then set up your own website. I have no intention of encouraging cyber bullying.
Thats it peeps. sleep well and talk to you tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “26 degrees in Regents Park”

  1. Hi Jeni. I was just talking about IOLANTHE two days ago to a friend in the gym and he said how fantastic it was. I am going to try and see it before it finishes.
    My car went in for a service today and whilst I was waiting to pick it up I went for a walk in regents park, ate a sandwich and then promptly fell asleep in the sunshine for a good old fashioned 40 winks.
    You were right. Ive not seen so many happy faces for ages. It was a beautiful day.
    I walked along the canal back to college road where my mechanic greeted me with my baby. (the car)
    Anyway. I just wanted to say I love your blogs and you are doing a smashing job filling in for Vanessa. All have been fantastic shows. Well done you.
    Lots of love.

  2. Do you get dodgy comments here, Jeni? Thats a bit of a cheek. I’m glad you only post the right ones. It’s not like you to address people personally on your blog, so it must have pushed you too far. I feel badly about this, that one of us out here would do that.
    Thanks LV and Terry, my birthday was lovely. People called in, friends visited, one bringing a home made pear, walnut and toffee pie (which we demolished in moments!) and in the evening a visit to a group of much loved friends for a get together. I’m sure Ma would have loved every minute of it!!
    Happy Easter, Good Passover, all warm greetings to everyone.

  3. Never mind tripping hither, I managed to slip on a greasy path and have ended up with a double tib/fib fracture. Any tips on what’s best for quick bone healing? Complimentary medicine wise I mean. (Don’t think taters will do it though).
    No cast thank God but enough metal in my leg to be worth something to the scrap merchant.
    I’m envious of all that walking you’re doing!
    Keep on keepin on Jen xxx

  4. Phew Jeni, Managed a boot sale today and regretted it, 27 degrees ! big mistake. Bentley has been hiding indoors all day out of the heat but now at 7.57 is having a great time wandering around the garden in the cool evening air. Hoping the storms stay away as I detest them and we are not sure how Bentley will react. Will be with you tomorrow at 9am Love to all xxhugxx

  5. FEE – your trip to a double tib/fib sounds very painful!
    I’ve got a good tip for a tib/fib! If you get some Tincture of Comfrey (otherwise known as Knitbone!# Mix with a bland skin cream, ratio of drops per gram will be on the tincture bottle. Gently cream into painful bits. Comfrey’s great for lots of things.
    Any herbs taken internally as herb tea etc. – should always consult qualified herbalist first! -Just thought i’d add that for safety purposes.
    Watched a bit of telly tonight, #i’m having a racy Easter) Britains got toe-curling Talent. Why do so many people bring their pets? A bit moral support i suppose. That’s proof that a dogs Love is unconditional! As one lady started singing even her dog looked terribly embarrassed. I could tell by his eyes – he didn’t know where to look! Poor Pooch!
    What a Pooper Scooper Saturday night Tv is.
    Love and Light LV

  6. I i-played your programme this afternoon and am quite excited that you will be in Battersea on Friday, as in, performing rather than cooking or cleaning or arguing with the, oh hang on, he isn’t the old git anymore, he has become God’s gift – how did he rise to that I wonder, must have done something wonderful 🙂 Anyway, I might come along. I might have liked to have brought Dardar, but a 50 something woman carrying what to others is just a teddy bear is a bit much I suppose, there again… lol

  7. Hello Jeni,
    No, I have not forgotten you. I arrived back from India on 15th. March and did not realise you were now with Radio London. Annoyingly, I help our local allotment group each sunday from 9am. so will not be able to talk to you. When you left LBC I found I could no longer get to speaking with the presenters. I reckon it was that creep Ferrari who blocks me as I got on well with all the other folk. Such is life ! I hope eventually to meet you again.
    Stay sweet,
    Adrian from Bromley.

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