The patience of an Ant….

Watcha Peeps.
The wedding, the holidays, the sun, the wind, the travel, the family.
I have been caught up in so much tooing and froing that watching the snooker tonight – something I have never done – felt positively exhilarating,. I even cried when Judd Trump was knocked out. Good name eh?
My journal has remained unwritten, my carpet remained unhoovered and my books remain unread.
Now is the time to get a grip SO I have made some decisions. Firstly though I must say…..

Thank you all for supporting us on Battersea High Street. As the day drew to a close I got colder and colder. I ended up running back to the flat and ordering a curry with four guests who had arrived. I needed to be cossted from the inside. But you lot, as usual, warmed the cockles of my heart.
Everybody from Sarah Lavin, my lady of the dusters to Ray from ‘Bennetts’ Oyster Bar turned up. Niel Kinsella, who I had met in OHI back in 2007 came and bigged up his comedy club in Covent Garden whilst Manny, Shirley, Emma Leech, and Allana from the pub all leant their support. It was wildly silly. Eddie wore an Alexander McQueen suit, as red as my chapped thighs and the Beeb’s bods worked their BBCBEhinds off.
I was meant o to be recovering on Saturday but spent it travelling from Battersea to Hackney to East Sussex to Hackney to East Sussex to Battersea. Arriving in my bedroom at 3.30a.m.
When the radio alarm went off three and a half hours later I knew I was in for some serious yawning.
The Sunday show was fun with Morris dancers attempting to teach me to hop, skip and jump with bells on their breeches and sticks in our hands I danced just about as badly as anybody could in the confines of a small studio in Langham Place with nobody watching but the crew and the occasional side longe glance from Syd the accordianist. Check out THE WESTMINSTER MORRIS MEN they have an open day of dance on MAY 18TH.
Gill Hudson, Editor of The Readers Digest, Lynne Parker from Funny Women, Stephen De Martin, one poof without his piano and Bryn Williams the big blockbuster of a welsh chef, completed the show. I am totally besotted with Byrn’s book and can’t wait to visit his restaurant ‘Odette’s’ in Primrose Hill. All Welsh produce and generous portions, I bet….
When I arrived home I was peppered and ready to sleep on the driveway…..
Today the ‘oosbind and me walked in The Ashdown Forest. The wind was biting and the sun forgiving. The yellow gorse was out in force. We detoured to Duddleswell Tea rooms and had a cafetier of Blue Colombian coffee and a chat with a couple who gardened, engineered and were the proud owners of a rescue dog called Bella, a cross bewteen a boxer and a mastiff. She had black rubbery lips that were really kissable although I resisted the temptation.
I did my second mow of the season. Wearing a hoodie and trainers. Usually I’m faily undone so that I can claim whatever suns rays there are but today the bitter chill meant my face got a lookin but nothing else.
I am in the process of rethinking my entire life. Everybody from The Barry to the old git, from the daughter to the neighbour have had to catch me, nurture me, cuddle me and shout. Friends have been phoning twice a day and nephews have been anxious.
So today I got a grip. Shirley, my lovely Battersesa Square ‘Rolander’ retailer said we must all have the patience of an ants stomach – it’s an African expression – I have no idea what it means but not having any patience at the best of times, these worst of times have taken their toll, and ant or no my patience is running out. So I have given two months notice to my lovely landlord, and if by midsummer, things haven’t substantially shifted I shall give up my beloved Battersea boudoir and retire to the cottage.
After nine years of dual living, the recession, the nature of my business, the age of my cells, it’s time to regroup, rethink, and reset my default setting. I’m lousy with change but it feels like I have to make some kind of drastic shift for the Universe to listen.
So as Jim watches the re-run of Graham Norton and my belly is still digesting the half a box of chocolates my homeopath gave me permission to eat, I shall pack my bags and sleep the sleep of the relentless before driving back to SWLondon tomorrow.
I hope your getting back to normality is not too difficult. I am gearing myself for my nude photo shoot on Wednesday. Yes you heard…..

3 thoughts on “The patience of an Ant….”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    Syd and I enjoyed the interview on Sunday. What a whirlwind you are. Our first sight of you was as you went dashing past in your dungarees, pausing for a moment to bob up and down enthusiastically saying hello and then dash off to the loo (maybe that explains the bobbing).
    The interview was no less energetic. Thinking back, I realise how skilled you are. Brief chats off air were all noted and locked away to be used later. I entered the studio having no idea what you would ask and with no plans to say anything specific (apart from the plug for the day of dance). Who could have guessed that we’d spend time on Annie’s ancestors?
    The whole thing dashed along at a manic pace and the half hour was gone in a flash. Are you always that energetic I wonder? God’s Gift/the old Git must be exhausted if you are.
    With all of the BBC’s iPlayer at my disposal, where did I go today? Vanity drew me to your show and the sound of my own voice. As we were dancing (ish) I heard a shout from you that I had managed to bash you on the wrist. I didn’t notice at the time and I apologise for my poor aim (I was going for your knuckles).
    Do please come along on the 14th and say hello if you have a minute.It might do you good to pause from your various dashings about and I’d love to see what you’re like when off duty.
    Morris Dancing, live on BBC Radio London for the third time. Can any other radio station claim the same? Archie Andrews, eat your heart out.
    It was a good giggle, let’s do it again.

  2. Hmm decisions…. Sounds like it is time for you to build a nest in the country and do some writing in your own time rather than to a schedule, hug some trees, mow some lawns get a dog to walk with Jim, and smell the roses, sit underneath your piece of sky and relax. Love to all xxhugxx

  3. Oh Jeni, it was lovely to meet you in person at last at the Battersea High Street do. I really appreciated the warm hug – life is a little challenging at the moment and as you find yourself, a little support from other human beings goes a long way : )
    Its Wednesday, have you been naked yet? I hope you were kept warm.
    Tisha and Dardar Dragon

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