New Beginnings

It’s already tomorrow and I haven’t been to bed yet.
I went to North London early this morning. Victoria Tube Station was jam-packed with commuters standing, long-faced, at the ticket barriers, as the screens showed hoards of morning travellers shoving themselves into carriages. Nobody was allowed onto the platforms until there was space. Full trains wizzed through. The announcer told us to be patient…
Japan here we come I thought, it wont be long before we have volunteers pushing weary workers into carriages, all clutching their free papers, all readng the same nonsense, all arriving at their work places exhausted before the day has begun, all swigging cold coffee through the little hole in the top of their paper mugs.
I turned tail and took the circle and district line instead, changed at Westminster and walked to the Jubillee line.
Westminster Station feels like a futuristic film set. Huge pipes, steep escalators and lots of female parliamentarians with briefcases and trainers.
I arrived at my appointmet fifteen minutes late.

Last night I went to the first night of The Jewish Film Festival. A wonderful film at the Vue. But I was feeling so grotty, what with the last few days, that I felt I didn’t have a reason to be there as I didn’t have a platform any more. They were wonderfully generous and said it didn’t matter about my status I was welcome anyway. A true turning point.
I was invited to dinner afterwards but decided to go back to the flat instead. My shoes hurt, I had left my purse on the bed so I borrowed twenty quid and walked barefoot to Waterloo Bridge. It’s becoming a habit with me now arriving looking glamorous, leaving looking like a rag-bag clutching borrowed money.
When I woke up I was chesty, coldy and ready to flop.
So finally, after my camomile tea, Seka Nicolic finished working on the patient before me. The young woman told me my show had changed her life. From the ‘Artists Way’ to Dr. Amir to Seka. She said she was going back to listen to me and I said she’d have a hard job as I wasn’t there any more. She cried, I cried, Seka cried, the receptionist cried and the next patient, who had no idea why we were so emotional, joined in just because she could.
Seka then worked on me, took away my pain, enthused me with her wisdom and off I went to SW11.
I stopped off in a health store for a protein ball and a bottle of Goji Berry juice. I sprinted down to the platform, talked to the old git on my mobile, whilst handing my bottle of berries to a young traveller who, without questioning, opened the tight cap for me and handed me back my drink.
The Goji’s and the protein meant I achieved more in four hours than I do in a week…
Packed the car, collected Bee from Hackney, took the roof down of the little red Nellie and off we drove to East Sussex. The warm Indian Sun delicious. We played one of the daughters new songs and a very heavy dub Reggae which had me gyrating in my bucket seat.
Took Jim to the garage to drop off the car for an MOT, then mowed the lawn. Oh the joy of newly mown grass. My tomatoes are big and red, my lettuces limp and green, my courgettes round and yellow and my broccoli a disaster. By the time I had finished the lawn my eyes were streaming and my nose running, a small price to pay for the satisfaction of grass cutting.
I made carrot and sweet potato soup with coconut milk and cumin – for them – and a cold, raw soup of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic and the garden lettuce pour moi. They had seconds. I didn’t.
We spent the evening with music and chat and now it’s tomorrow morning. In seven hours time we go to the Neurological Centre where Bee had her back operation, her first check up with the surgeon.
From August 7th, when she went under, to September 23rd I think is seven weeks? It feels like the shortest, longest time, she’s changed, I’ve changed, the ‘oosbind has changed. Something about gratitude for new beginnings.
Whatever we were at the start of August we sure as Hell aint the same now. And to be honest, I think we are all better off for it.
The Virginia Creeper is a deep red, the Michaelmas Daisies a gentle mauve, and the blue crate a mess of brown and green bottles. Yes the old git ‘s been at the booze again, good job I’m home.

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  1. All the very best to you and your family Jeni, I Echo most of your loyal listeners thoughts, that you will indeed go onto greater and better things. You have a genuine connection with people, That made you stand out from the others.
    Look forward to hearing your lovely voice again soon.

  2. I have just come back from holiday, turned LBC on Monday at 1pm as usual for your show and you were gone! I am so sorry as I loved listening to you and you really made me laugh (as I have had ME/CFS for 20 years I need a laugh!)
    I wish you and your family all the very best for the future.

  3. I hope that your appointment went well despite the late start.
    East Sussex sounds glorious – soothing balm for a weary soul. Reading this I can’t say that I miss the Big Smoke – having moved to Wales last year. The ordeal of getting from A to B on public transport even puts me off visiting unless I’m in a car – and the congestion charge knocks me into reality so I’m happy to miss everyone and stay put in my glorious little town by the Bristol Channel.
    My best wishes to your daughter. I’m waiting to hear if I’ll have to go under the knife for my back and knees and can’t bear the idea of it.
    I raise my cold mug of tea to a glorious indian summer of peace and blessed new beginnings!
    Love and best wishees

  4. Jeni, You won’t remember this but I once served you a long long time ago in a well known health food food in Royal Tunbridge Wells and you were lovely and very sweet. You put a smile on everyone’s face in the shop that day and the reason for this story is that you have a glow that rubs off on other people. I’m sure you know this but in dark times we sometime forget our own gifts. So get yourself in a better place and let that light shine.
    Billy P

  5. Jeni, you feel different.
    You seem to have started some kind of revolution or is it because of the autumn equinox?
    Everything feels different here too. I am spending the mornings with Radio 4, lunchtimes cooking to Chill and afternoons in solitude – well kind of, since I live almost on top of Battersea Park Road : ) – reading and learning.
    I always thought you were someone that changed lives but I didn’t expect it to be because you left somewhere : )

  6. Walking bare foot, drinking hippie drinks sounds like you have returned to the 60s Jeni. Anothr wonderfully positive blog. My Virginia Creeper is also deep red, and the Asters and Dahlias are still blooming, may your summer linger and your strength grow. xxhugxx

  7. Hi Jeni
    Hope Bea is getting better, and hope to hear from you soon.
    looking forward to speaking to Nick Abbott!

  8. Cardinal signs are all on the move the past 12 months with Cancer/Capricorn eclipses; Pluto now solidly in Capricorn and Saturn having started its 30 month trek thro’ libra. The past month has been challenging and turbulent for them as Jupiter and Uranus stepped back across the pisces/aries cusp and Saturn exited Virgo for the final time for Libra. It was only the 9th to the 15th when Venus and Mars both shifted into Scorpio that things will have started to order themselves. All should start to get better when Jupiter ends retrogression November 19th..
    The new Government is Cardinal: David Cameron (Libra); Theresa May (Libra); William Hague (Aries); Nick Clegg (Capricorn) and Iain Duncan Smith (Aries).
    David Milliband is Cancer and his brother, Capricorn.
    Good luck Jeni.

  9. Hardly consolation, but worth a thought, the same will happen to Petri – it always does – 3 years was an excellent spell on a local radio show. You did well so bask in that glory!

  10. I can’t believe you have left LBC. What inane person decided to replace you with Petri Hoskin. She’s O.K. but not a patch on you, Jeni. So many people have said to me that they loved to switch on at 1pm and know they have 3 hours of really good radio. All your comments about your family, your dear old git, your ups and downs, but in the meantime interviewing so many people and answering so many calls with sincerity, warmth and humour. Please advise all your listeners where you are and if you’re going to be on radio again. Please let it be SOON! All the very best to you and your family, especially the old git and Bee for a quick recovery from her op.
    Lotsa luv. xx

  11. I too cant believe you have left LBC. I shant be listening to that awful Petri who has absolutely nothing to talk about that is amusing or challening… Oh please let us all know when you will be back on air… Lots of Love x

  12. Wonderful Jeni, how I miss your warm and welcoming voice in the afternoons! I have written to Jonathan to tell him what a bad mistake he has made and to read the comments left for you by all of us fans. I hope that he lives to regret his decision. You were the best and no-one will fill your shoes. My life was richer for you being in it.LBC is a sad place to be now that you are no longer on air. Let us know where you are so that we can tune in and rekindle our friendship. Wishing you a future filled with only good things, which you so richly deserve. Much love to you dear Jeni. xxx

  13. Hi Jeni, I too turned on lbc when I returned last week from Australia, to find your slot had been replaced by Petri Hoskins. What a shame. I really loved listening to your programme. I am not sure of the circumstances of your leaving LBC, but I just wanted to tell you, as a fellow Jewish, Sixty Year Old, I had to leave my fantastic job earlier this year. The company was my baby and I had given my all for years. Still getting over it but now have some time for myself and my family and doing mad things like making my own Granola today – don’t even eat the stuff, but the recipe looked so good. Good luck with all you do in the future – will miss you very much on LBC. C x

  14. Just come back from holiday and am bereft as you are no longer on air at LBC.Won’t be listening any more as your replacement is so dreary!

  15. Hi Jeni
    I am so very sad you have gone I have been waiting for your return and only just realised it is permanent how I will miss laughing out loud you were warm caring and said what most of us thought. I do not listen to Petre she always sounds so angry. My two favourites you and Sarah Kennedy I just can’t believe it.
    Good Luck my lovely girl x

  16. Thought you must be on holiday at first Jeni but as the days went on you still weren’t back. No explanation nothing, just replaced. Yours was the first voice I heard on LBC which used to be my favourite choice in the afternoons.Have to think again now. Miss your voice very much. Good luck in all you do in the future. If its in radio I will be listening.

  17. Hi Jeni,
    I really miss u on LBC, u and Steve Allen are my favourites. U were interesting, lively and sincere. I don’t bother tuning in at 1pm anymore…Petri gets on my nerves, she’s not a patch on you. What were they thinking??? Good Luck in whatever u do next.xx

  18. Hi Jeni,
    Its really sad you left lbc so suddenly. is not the same without YOU!
    Shame really.
    I really hope you gonna be on radio again
    lotS of love, G

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