Peace One Day

Today is Peace One Day, and so it’s time to make peace.
It has been made clear to me, 30 minutes ago, that many of you were jumping to the wrong conclusion.
LBC have been very kind to me over the last three and a half years and I don’t want any of you to think that they haven’t been.
I was sick with a horrid little bug for two days, and apparently some of you misunderstood LBC’s explanation, I had intended to make my goodbyes but the horrid little bu**er prevented me.
I have loved my time on the radio, I have loved my wonderful audience, and I want to face my future knowing that the legacy I leave behind is one of peace and friendship.
Thank you all for supporting me, it is now time to move on.
Needless to say I send Petrie all my good wishes and know that she will have a wonderful time having lunch with you lot.

82 thoughts on “Peace One Day”

  1. I am absolutely gutted that you have left LBC, I looked forward to your shows in the afternoon and I always had a pen and paper ready because you always had a remedy or a book or something new that i would try after you spoke about it. You will be so missed in the afternoon, Jeni, God Bless and good luck in the future to you and your family

  2. hello jeni
    now, I did listen to you on LBC and although I often found you ill informed about many of your subjects I absoltely loved the times when your laughter ran amok on air…..
    I dislike LBC for their corporate behaviour to you and other brilliant presenters such as Anna Rayburn, and have said so…
    good luck with your future
    please visit my blog and leave a message if yo have time….. it would make me chuckle when out on my allotment here in wales!

  3. What happened to Jenni on lbc in the afternoon, did she get sacked for being too leftwing ?!There are not enough presenters like her around these days!

  4. Hello Jeni
    I am sorry to see you have left LBC.
    Even though you once described me as having no compassion,and asked me not to keep e-mailing your program(must have REALLY annoyed you).For all that I still think you were one of the best presenters LBC had.You were definitely a cut above the usual throw out a topic,whip it up a bit,sit on the fence type LBC (a format I find so boring now,you added a human element and were genuinely interested in your topics and listeners ) you were not like so many LBC presenters full of there on cleverness with a barely described contempt for the callers.
    I think you are an open(perhaps to much sometimes)kind, compassionate(unlike me of course 🙂 )and honest person.
    to you.
    Much Hiss to LBC

  5. Jeni, I would like to wish you all the very best. I have listened to you for several years and it has made those afternoons stuck in my car between calls to clients so much more enjoyable than they would have been. We will miss your humour and joy. I so wish they had not given your slot to Petrie. She is far to shrill, opinionated and slaps down anyone who disagreed with her. LBC’s (and our) loss

  6. Hallo Jeni,
    That is a wonderful gesture for ‘Peace One’ day.
    Many Lightworkers, Mystics, Gnostic Prayers will be lighting a candle between 4to 5pm GMT hour, #or when we are available to,# for a meditation prayer for Peace. To help lift some of the fear and anger that pervade so many hearts, minds and lives. I just hope in however small way, it is felt, somehow by everyone. Please join in, the more who spend a few minutes or even moments of peaceful thought, the greater the effect.
    PS:-I’m sorry i called your ex-boss a horses ass, I was Angry!!Grrrrr

  7. Hi there Jeni.
    Miss you on LBC and I wish you well. I had no idea you were leaving LBC completely and have just done this search to find out. Hope you got a bunch of flowers when you left at least.If you didn’t, whatever, huh?
    Hope your bug has cleared up and that your daughter’s health is on the mend.
    You said you looked gorgeous in your 30s, well from your photo above you still are gorgeous.
    Thanks for your energy, compassion, honesty and effort and interesting shows. I wish you well and hope to see and hear you on TV and radio again or perhaps you will write a book? Please send my regards to the old git.
    Best Wishes, Alison.

  8. Hi Jeni…
    You say “I have loved my time on the radio” and also “it is now time to move on”
    I hope that’s not past tense, in so much that, I hope you dont mean you wont be back on our airwaves at some time, at some point, with another station?
    I’ve not tuned back into LBC, and won’t be doing so, so Petrie certainly won’t be having lunch with me.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Yet again LBC has (presumably) ‘let go’ one of its best presenters. I’ve been searching and having seen you are no longer on the presenter list assumed the worst. Do let us know where you pitch up next. Heaven knows what LBC thinks its audience want – why don’t they ask us?
    L’shana tova – truly.

  10. Discovered yesterday that you were not to return to LBC. I cannot believe how upset I am by your absence. Over the last few years I have listened to you almost every weekday since having my children and taking a work break…
    Shame on LBC do they not listen to there listeners opinions?
    Good luck and hopefully another radio or t.v.station that I can access will snap you up quickly!!! (or better still LBC will have a re-think) xx

  11. Hi Jeni, sorry to hear that you have left in those circumstances, but I DON’T BELIEVE YOU when you say you left because of a virus. EVERYONE knows you were SACKED. No one leaves just like that. No LBC presenters even mention your name. If it was as you say, the presenters would have been paying homage to you, instead your name is not even mentioned, Petrie doesn’t even tell the listeners why you have left. Just be honest and tell the truth, don’t let the LBC management bully you into making a false statement. You didn’t even let the listeners know that you would be leaving at some point. If what you were saying is true, why didn’t you inform your listeners that it would be your last week. Please don’t take us for fools. Did you make the decision to leave over the weekend. Maybe you did have a slight bug, but that was NOT the reason you left LBC. So please don’t insult our intelligence by lying about why you left. I appreciate that you may not be able to tell the truth because of some clause in your contract. So just don’t say anything in that case. Anyway, good luck for the future.

  12. Hi Jeny, I will miss your show on LBC. I love your energy and most of all your laughter.I had no idea you were leaving but I wish you all the best for the future.
    Take care

  13. Jeni barnett
    I just do not understand what has happened with you and lbc???
    Its not on your show was great your a real person i loved your show as i worked. I seen you with bee on the underground one day you were making faces at her as you left the tube i could see the love. Me and bee talked i told her i listen to your show everyday and loved it she said she would tell you.
    Get well soon bee.

  14. whenever I was driving around london I always tuned in to your show because you sound to me like a real person in the real world, I shall miss hearing your honest opinions.

  15. How shocked and sad i was to hear you had been replaced by the ever annoying Petrie Hoskin! I have been listening to you for ooh don’t know how long but not long enough. I feel you were part of our family in our dining room, me and my 2 children will miss you mega time. We wish you all the luck for the future and i’m sure it won’t be long before you see or hear your voice again. xxx

  16. So sorry to see Jeni go – she was such fun and very warm hearted. I don’t think I will be listening to Petrie as she is not exactly a bag of laughs. I hope we will see/hear Jeni again somewhere.
    Will miss her!

  17. Hello Jeni
    I really enjoyed listening to you on LBC and was very sad to discover yesterday, that you have left the station. Now we have Petrie – no way – I will be switching off!
    I wish you well for the future and look forward to seeing or hearing you on your next project.
    I agree with Alison – you still look great and your laughter is the best medicine.
    Best wishes

  18. Hi,
    Does your landlord know that you can afford to be booking a holiday, but apparently can’t afford to pay your rent?
    And do you still think it’s acceptable to keep letting down your employers by taking unscheduled time off work?

  19. Are they mad!!
    We loved you to bits, a warm and caring woman.
    Thank you Jenny.
    I am not going to listen to Petri, I am sure she is a good person but I have to make my stand!

  20. Dear Jeni,
    Whatever happened…suddenly you are no more??? Surely LBC could have afforded its listeners some better explaination?
    I am deeply saddened by your unexpected departure.Working alone each afternoon you always kept me in good company with your vitality,liberalism,warmth and genuine interest in all the many topics and people you had on your shows.
    You related to people in such an honest,direct,intelligent and often heartfelt way that made you stand far far above most other presenters on LBC.
    I shall miss that infectious laugh very much.
    I wish you all the very best in whatever you do next.

  21. Jeni I didn’t always agree totally with you on LBC, but I always enjoyed you. I will not be listening to LBC in the future as I suspect you have been badly treated but have been told to ‘go away and be quiet like a good little girl’. I remember other presenters disapearing quickly with no proper explanation-boo hiss to LBC, you have lost me as a listener, Jeni I hope to hear/see you very soon in some other more deserving format!

  22. Reading all these comments, you know it’s quite beautiful. People are going to miss you so much on the radio. I only ever heard you a handful of times on L.B.C. as I work the hours you were on. You have a gift for making people think and react. Your words here on the blog paint such pictures, especially for people like me, who neither live in nor visit London, you make it alive. You make it sound genuine. There are so many options for you now.
    You know I have been a long-time supporter of you, and I will always be on your side, as will many many others, judging by this blog. These last few weeks have been hard for me for other reasons, but look to the future, Jen. I know we’re no compensation for the loss of a job, but we’re at least always here for you, yeah?
    All my good wishes,

  23. I religiously listened to you every weekday for at least the last two years. In my opinion you were the most humbling presenter LBC had and your personality and genuinely kind spirit shone through in every show no matter the topic of discussion.
    I can’t believe you have gone so suddenly and just hope you find another show soon. I’m sure I am not alone in being so utterly disappointed in LBC’s ridiculous decision!!!

  24. Jeni – I listened to you every day whilst travelling back to Surrey from Westmtminster from 3.00pm – 4.00pm. I just loved your wacky style and can’t believe you’ve gone. I haven’t been in work for September and so have not been tuned in as usual and so I am wondering what I have missed? Petrie’s okay, but not as good as you and I don’t feel she’s really a daytime person. I’ve now reverted back to Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2. If you pop up somewhere else on radio, you must let your fans know.
    Best of luck….
    A very, very sad…..Danielle

  25. Thank you for many lovely afternoons. There is no doubt in my mind that Lbc got rid of you because you are vaguely left wing. We notice that they also clipped Ken Livingstone’s wings by teaming him up with a well-known right winger. So now Lbc is free to spread their awful message, through their breakfast show and through their afternoon show, mainly. “Let us get rid of all ‘do-gooders’ in our society. Let us create a society where misogyny, thinly veiled racism and general misanthropy reigns. Let us do away with all welfare, put young people in prison, and stone women who do not have the protection of a man. Obviously. Lbc has been instructed by the new government to spread this kind of propaganda, so you and Ken Livingstone. Petri and O’Brien will have to be very careful, but they are probably now frightened into silence – for a while.The most sinister part of your sacking was the way NOTHING has been said – it is like you never existed! Pogroms often happened like that, I have been told. I am so glad we now have the means to express our views, and give you some support. Good luck, Jeni Barnett! You will be OK; your warmth, humor and deep humanity will be so important in the years to come. You will be back in the media somewhere.
    Love from Astrid in Sutton

  26. Hello my darling Jeni,
    Andy from Goodmayes (formerly Andy from Blackheath) here, probably one of your most regular callers over the time of your sojourn with LBC.
    I just wanted to express my profound sadness at your leaving LBC, despite you being an old leftie and me an old rightie, us having a few ding-dongs on air from time to time, I have always held you in the highest regard and the deepest affection.
    You are an absolute shining star in the firmament of broadcasting and I wish you every success when the next door opens, as I fully expect it to very soon.
    Keep well gorgeous, keep your chin up and smile. You’re too good for good things not to happen for you.
    God bless and much love,
    Andy xxx

  27. You could boycott LBC,turn off,over the way Jennis being treated and the childish way the listening public have been treated as kids,with no information given out….Be Lucky Jenni,girl…I know you will be!!!!

  28. So suprised and sorry to find you are no longer on the radio – i shall be finding alternative listening for my afternoons. hope to find you on another station soon.

  29. Dear Jeni
    I am terribly sorry that you have left LBC. I am under no illusion that your proud left wing opinions might have been unpleasant for some who struggle to be tolerant of a different opinion from theirs.I thought you were the only presenter who gave LBC an ounce of impartiality (the vast majority of your ex colleagues being openly very right wing).LBC is now the radio equivalent of the Daily Mail and Fox News and won’t be tuning in any longer.
    Good luck to you in your future projects,and most importantly:
    Mazel Tov!

  30. Hi Jeni
    Very, very disappointed to learn you have departed LBC, I loved your humour and many diverse topics discussed. You cheered up many a miserable afternoon when I was made redundant! Best of luck for the future.

  31. Dear Jeni
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely afternoons we have spent together , and helping me get through my pregnacy and ”thown it out there” when i was at my wits end looking for a play group/ pre school for my little boy.
    It was all new to me been a Mother for the first time, but i felt i had a friend getting me through it every day speaking to me through the radio.
    I shall miss you lots and lots, thank you so much for everything pal..hope to catch up with you soon, take care .
    Annie x

  32. Hi Jeni
    I’m so sad that you are no longer on LBC. I loved your bubbling enthusiasm and your general love of life!
    You will be sorely missed because your replacement is too serious and too politically correct!
    I have obviously written to complain to those at LBC who make decisions but then they’ve never paid attention to popular demand!
    Good luck and please let us all know where you can be heard next!
    Best wishes

  33. I too am sorry to see you go. I was away last week and only discovered it by googling you when I hear Petrie had your slot. I’ll miss your honesty and wit and hearing about your daughter and the old geezer. I hope to hear you back on the radio soon. Good luck.

  34. Jeni
    You were always too liberal for my taste but you did sound like a very caring and good person.
    I know you can’t appear angry as you can’t afford to upset powerful people like Jonathan Richards etc and the other chiefs at Global.
    But I can. The way that you, a professional and established presenter, was just airbrushed out of LBC simply demonstrates the absolute contempt the management has for its listeners. Of course all broadcasting organisations are incredibly arrogant and don’t give a damn about their audiences just so long as it’s growing and they can show that to the advertisers.
    So, I wish you well.

  35. Hello Lovely Girl,
    I need not tell you how stunned I was to learn you have left LBC and I wonder who I can pester next. Whatever went wrong, it must have been serious and perhaps one day we will learn the facts from your upcoming auto biography. Yes, of course I will miss you even though I did not always get put through when I had a comment or two to say but you always read out my e mails and I appreciate that. We do have a lot in common. Do have a lovely retiremant – if that is what you intend to do.
    Bless you and thank you for all your loveliness.
    Yours saddened by your disappearance,
    Adrian from Bromley.

  36. Dearest Jeni
    My first time on any website so it had to be yours! Do-do-do-dah!
    I ‘lost’ Monday in a daze of disbelief and utter misery (I am ashamed to say) and have reverted back to Classic FM for some peace and calm!
    Ditto to all your devastated listeners comments. Do wish you better. The family, too. So pleased I have just learnt how to use my PC and have all these lovely people feeling just as I do. Such a comfort…
    However, I also look forward to hearing or seeing you in the near future when you are restored to your former glory!
    Love and hugs, Elaine xoxoxo

  37. There needs to be some growing up here. Jeni has explained herself, with regards to her departure and how she feels about it, so there is no need for all of the hissy fits on her behalf.
    No-one should have been suprised to find Petrie Hosken fronting the 1-4 weekday afternoon show. All due respect to Jeni, but Petrie was having to fill in for Jeni so often, not only is hearing her voice no suprise, Jeni’s departure was almost inevitable.
    To be honest Jeni, I’m suprised you survived MMR, but there you go, and well done for getting beyond it.
    With regards to nothing being said to Jeni’s departure, this is not unique to Jeni, or her situation, nor is it to LBC.
    Some people just need to grow up.

  38. This seems like another example of broken Britain where older people are thrown to the scrap heap in favour of younger. This new Petri sounds younger and busty so no wonder how she got the job. Everyone will suffer when inferior replacements are re-deployed in every area of industry!

  39. Dearest Jeni
    Only realised on Monday that you weren’t on your usual slot. How to find out? My computer to the rescue! Needless to say I spent a very miserable time but, fortunately, found your website along with many like-minded listeners. Magic!!!
    Am a first-timer at this so do I get a ‘do-do-do-dah’?
    I planned my day in order to listen to you every afternoon so it’s presently back to Classic FM now. Peace and tranquillity but I’d rather be paying attention to your wit and wisdom.
    Do wish you better. The family, too. Looking forward to hearing your merry laugh and lovely voice on the airwaves once again!
    Love and hugs, Elaine xoxoxo

  40. Jeni dear,
    I was gobsmacked when I discovered you have left LBC, I started listening to LBC because of you. Not sure I will be listening again, because you were different and a person. God blessxxxxxx

  41. dear jeni,
    so shocked to find you had gone, just wanted to tell you that you will be greatly missed. You had such interesting subjects on you show, and because of listening to one particular programme i am now pursuing a career in something that i have always wanted. THANK YOU. You could feel the love and compassion, a breath of fresh air, I can,t bear Petrie and feel the station is being overtaken by Steve Allen, have to keep turning off. At least we still have Anthony Davis, if he goes so will I. God Bless.

  42. Hi Jeni, We never phoned in, but listened to you most days on LBC. You are a very down to earth presenter, “normal” like us. Tracked you down on the web like many others. Sorry you’ve gone from LBC, we enjoyed your laughter and approach. LBC has made a mistake in not holding on to you and not telling us, through the other presenters, that you have gone. That lunchtime slot was never propperly filled after Sandi Toxvig left, then you came along and made it yours (and ours) again. Unfortunately, Petrie just isn’t cut from the same cloth, we just can’t bear to listen.(too irritating!). We will tell LBC the same.
    We would like to wish you success and happiness for the future. Love and best wishes
    Andrew & Frances Hancock

  43. Onwards and upwards you lovely lady – I only discovered lbc by chance picking up your brilliant show – back to radio 4 and the gardening prog!!

  44. Following my previous comments, I have sent the following feedback to LBC.
    Dear Sir or Madam
    I am writing to give my view and listening intentions for the lunchtime slot previously presented by Jeni Barnet. This slot was an absolute gem when hosted by Sandi Toxvig (by far thew best show on LBC at the time). Since her departure, no one had come close to the other main shows of the day. When Jeni came along, she made it her own, in a way that was entertaining, informative and fun. Now she has gone, with not a word said by LBC to her listeners who tune in daily expecting to hear Jeni’s unmistakeable voice. Whatever the reason for her departure, I have to tell you that LBC have got it wrong. And shame on you. Your listeners are what matters and they aren’t happy. I’m one of them and I can assure you that I will not be tuning in to hear Petrie. She is simply not a presenter of the same calibre as Jeni. I find her insincere and quite honestly irritating. Your listening figures will drop during this slot as things are.
    With great dissappointment
    Andrew Hancock

  45. Bless you Jenni,
    Having been through this myself a couple of times – I understand where you are coming from with this post – it’s not that difficult to read between the lines. I offer my apologies for past strident language towards the powers-that-be.
    Above anyone else I do wish you well. If growing up means loosing my compassion and keeping schtum about the injustices of the corporate world – then fine by me to be considered childish in the eyes of some. This is why I’ve working towards self-employment post-redundancy.
    I don’t listen to LBC anymore so good luck to those still fortunate to be there – may they enjoy it while it lasts. I need calm and peace and a bit of laughter so it’s another station for me.
    I’ve added you on Facebook (hope I haven’t put you off accepting) and look forward to hearing of wonderful new opportunities for you.
    I leave you tonight with this:
    Life’s a trip… you’ll take detours, you’ll get lost sometimes, you might even have to change a tire or two, but at the end when you arrive at your destination the travel is worth it.
    There is something great on the horizon for you. I’m sure of it.
    Love and best wishes

  46. I like this, what an compelling remark. I endlessly am grateful for this resource. What you had to say was unique. You devised a couple undoubtedoy good insights. This is moreso an aspect in these rough times. I could not have articulated it any better myself. You did a awesome job, even though it wasn’t quite comprehensive.

  47. Let’s talk realism here!
    I realise a lot of you are disappointed that Jeni has left LBC. That’s life. What do you expect LBC to say “Jeni has now left the station” (we know that). “Jeni has been sacked” (they would never say that). “Jeni is now on Radio Upper Wapping” (why tell your listeners to tune elsewhere?)
    I suspect those that “won’t listen to LBC again” will eventually come back.
    If you are tuning to Classic FM, it is also owned by Global Radio (as is LBC). If you tune to JazzFM, you can hear Anthony Davis (LBC presenter) in the mornings on that station!

  48. I am devastated you’re no longer on LBC. I listen daily while at my boring job in Canada and unfortunately the other presenters don’t have what you have?
    I hope you come back and soon or else I’m going to have to find another station to listen to.

  49. I just loved Jeni. Only she
    and Steve Allen really have IT. We want to listen to upbeat presenters with some irony. Will only listen to Steve now. Many regrets.
    A listener from Brazil!!!

  50. Like so many who have taken the time to find out when, why and where…I’m simply sorry to hear you’ve left LBC.
    Unfortunately LBC have a history of letting their best female presenters go.
    Carol Mcgiffin, Jenny Eclair, and now you. Shame on them!
    I’m sure once the dust has settled I’m sure you’ll answer the outstanding questions.
    Take care, and all the best for the future

  51. The best presenters by far, in order, Steve Allen, Jeni Barnett, James Whale, LBC you have caused a big void in my life.. Steve Allen on the way to work (great), Jeni on the way home (fantastic), James for tea time (just a fraction behind Jeni). You obviously had your reasons, but everybody loved big Jen, the brassy old bird who got things muddled up, couldn’t get her words out.. we loved her, she is human.. normal, what everone wants. Shame on you LBC. If you ever sack Steve Allen, life will not be worth living.

  52. Hi Jeni,
    I would like to echo what others have said. I loved your show in the afternoon’s, you were wittty “juicy Lucy/the old git” etc. The show had such a variation of themes, guests and your magical presentation.
    Whilst as one commentator has noted, the manner of your departure is not new in radioland; it is a shame that no statement has been given. One day you’re there, the next you’re not!!
    I wish you well. May another opportunity present itself, allowing you to look back on this time without any regrets.
    All the best!

  53. Sorry that you have gone. Will really miss your show.
    PLEASE let us know when you will be on the airwaves again.

  54. Much edifying article, I ought to speak. This post is fully encouraging in its own ways and I am confident that it will even succeed in inspiring many people like me.

  55. Miss you so much Jeni! Will not be listening to Petrie at all- she delivers about as much emotion as a carrot.
    Hope to hear you again one day.
    Good luck. xx

  56. Sorry that you’ve “left” LBC, I’ll miss your banter and laugh.
    All the best to you the old git and juicy lucy

  57. Petrie Hoskin is obviously somebody’s’blue eyed girl and what about james ….the one that sounds as if he has no roof to his mouth and is so irritating to listen to half drunk and interrupting everyone. I feel sure LBC is in danger of loosing most of its listeners if it wasn’t for Steve alan and clive bull it would not have any. Also that insufferable man with a spanish name that reports on strictly come dancing – is his program for blind people?

  58. I must admit I thought you were bonkers when I first started listening to you on LBC but warmed to you very quickly. Will miss listening to you from Zurich!!

  59. Dear Jeni,
    I am missing your beautiful voice on LBC – I was always eager to tune in at 1pm when the baby was having her nap and my son was at school.
    Nobody presents from the heart quite like you did.
    I loved your laugh and your sense of justice and good humour.
    I want to say a massive thank you for all you have covered on LBC – come back!!!!
    All the best to you and your family.

  60. call me ,talk to me ,ring me in …such annoying old bag .her ignorant ill informed thinking on the spot just showed up her limited intellect

  61. Aunty Jeni
    Seriously, what is going on? I thought you’d gone on holiday when I switched on the radio on Monday. But then realised you’d left LBC.
    I never would have believed I would care so much about a presenter to write on their blog. But as some of the others have written you were a breath on fresh air to lunch with. Not the same ole same ole but more of an individual, one of the few that actually have an opinion and a personality.
    In the words of Catherine Tate’s character, Nan… “What a ****ing liberty”.
    You’ll be missed. And LBC have given us probably THE most irritating person on the radio, Petri the moaner Hoskins – she has the voice any man would want to divorce.
    Look forward to your next venture, good luck girl x

  62. Hi Jeni,
    I’ve just got back from a trip abroad, tuned in to my favorite radio show – low and behold I get Petrie . . .
    Then I discover there have been program changes, and I now understand that you are no longer with the station.
    My heart sank. . . How am I going to get my fix of your lovely voice, sweet sense of humor and infectious laughter.
    I will certainly miss you lots.
    My afternoons will never be the same again, until I find you on the airways and TV.
    God Bless you Darlin, and I wish you all the best in what ever you do next x

  63. Hello Jeni. My search to find out where you’d gone has brought me here and I am very surprised and saddened to find out there are going to be no more of your afternoon shows on LBC! However,I understand all things come to an end and I want to wish you the best with all you’re going to be doing after LBC, and thank you for the many, many wonderful shows you’ve presented. Thank goodness I have a few of your LBC podcasts to listen to so I can say a ‘goodbye’ in my own way.
    TC and good luck!

  64. Please come back. You are the only person I can identify with on LBC 60+ !! Petrie is horrible so smug and cock-sure. Not like you at all.

  65. Jeni,
    I turned on expecting to hear you but you were gone! where ? no explanation given. Now I have no reason to listen in the afternoon. Miss you already. Good luck.

  66. LBC stands for Lousy Biased Cowards! Claims to represent Londoners but has no black, asian or oriental broadcasters. Shame on them!!!! Good luck sweety, all the best for the future. xxx

  67. will miss you jenni, you made me laugh, made me cry, but most of all you were entertaining, I’ll miss your banter each afternoon while driving my hgv, Magic radio for me now ! I wish you all the best for the future.

  68. Oh Jeni what have they done!!!! I thought you were on Holiday or Unwell. I’m sad to know we will no longer be hearing your voice at LBC. Well its quiet shocking and hard getting use to the New show, I no longer tune in everyday …. We know life goes on and I’m sure you will do something equally as good. Have you consider joining up with another station that would be brilliant. Please dont just disappear we enjoyed your company, the RADIO needs you. PS be happy & hi to your old Git.. x

  69. OMG Jeni – What happened! Cannot believe this was your decision. What the ? LBC – why? No explanation? Well it’s LBC loss. Jeni you were fab and other than Nick Ferrari the only reasons I switch LBC on. Best of luck to you lovely jewish girl. x

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  71. Ahhhh I have found you. Was missing your dulcet tones on the radio so thought I’d google to find out what happened. Glad I have been able to track you down. Wish you the best of luck in whatever you should choose to do next xx

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