Funerals, in the movies, always have rain streaming down. Big, fat droplets falling on umbrellas as the family huddle round the grave. Yesterday I wept on my ironing, I wept on my cooking I wept on my pyjamas as the grey clouds released more rain than I’ve seen in months. The lettuces took a battering, the tomatoes hung their heads and Dominic our hedge cutter, was rained off.
Sometimes it feels good being cloaked in a misty cloud.
Like Cinderella, I spent most of the day in the cellar, folding sheets and pressing pillow cases.
Took Bee to the hospital for her first and last consultation with her surgeon,. She is doing better than expected and in six weeks has achieved more than most achieve in 2 years. That was a wonderful positive.
I ordered 3 kilos of gluten free chicken sausages from THE OLD SPOT farm shop, for The Jew Doo on Sunday, then the blues kicked in.
Inevitable I know. I’m not moaning, blaming or being a victim I was just reacting to the shock of the new.
I spent the afternoon throwing away old clothes. My wedding party dress, my fancy clothes that were made for me in the 80’s. Bee said they weren’t even ugly enough to be trendy, they were just horrendous.
So, as with old photographs, the memories brought up even more feelings.
They are bagged up and ready for the charity shops.
I am now ready for a shower, a trip to London, a night in the theatre and a sleep in the flat.
The old git is coming with me and Bee is spending an evening in her flat in Hackney, everything is slowly returning to a new normal. Thank you for your comments, especially the geezer who told me in, bad grammar, that I was what ‘is’ wrong with England and ‘Good ‘RIDANCE’ .
He was not one of my regulars.
Looks like the sun is knocking loudly. Silver linings and all that jazz….

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  1. Oh Jeni the rain cloud had to burst eventually, you will feel much better now you have cleared them away. Fantastic news re Bee well done her. A clearout is good for the soul the past is gone, the future is ahead whatever it may bring, and you have the gift of the present. Big smile girl that rainbow will appear probably sooner than you think. xxhugxx

  2. Always good to have a good cry Jeni,hope you’re feeling brighter and adjusting well to your ‘new normal’

  3. It’s strange but I was never that big a fan of yours, you’re a bit too new age airy fairy, but as I tried to find out what happened to you I stumbled upon your blog. I now find myself warming to you due to your opening yourself up completely to public scrutiny. I love your humanity.
    You strike me as genuinely nice person who wears her heart on her sleeve and I get the feeling you’ll be alright. What goes around comes around, just keep being yourself.
    Although I do worry about all the fluffy stuff you are involved in… Stick to yoga, exercise, a healthy diet (with a little of what you love thrown in), meditation, friends and family and you won’t go too far wrong. Avoid shamen, palmists, healers, healing stones, healing light and anyone else who asks for money to make you feel good about yourself.
    Best of luck with this new chapter in your life you old airy fairy new age kaftan wearing hippy!

  4. Well Jeni, it was long overdue. I listen to LBC all times of the day but at 1pm I just turned over because your monologues were just too much too overpowering. Maybe you didn’t get enough callers but it just seemed to be you talking all the time. However the realisation that you have been replaced with Petrie Hoskins is just too much of an insult to bear. I shall be writing to LBC to beg them – come back Jeni, all is forgiven. On the plus side, the evening radio slot is now safe again….

  5. Jenni my darling I’d so like to give you a huggle – like I always say – “you can call me a lot of things, but you can’t call me boring!”. I also say, “people won’t talk about you unless there is something worth talking about.”
    BOO to your detractors – all 4 of them!

  6. As I looked at RIDANCE I thought ‘misspelt’ to then see DANCE.
    In my last post I wrote Milliband resulting my having heard David’s name several times before I saw it – plus, ‘Miliband’ seems dyslexogenic.

  7. Silver linings indeed Jen! Forget the geezer and grab life as you usually do, with pizzaz, fun and oodles of optimism. Enjoy your do!

  8. I’ve been thinking of you after I emailed LBC’s ‘feedback and comments’ and got a bland pointless reply along the lines of ‘talk radio has to move on’. I’d like to know why, when there is so much dross that remains. Didn’t you toe the line? Too outspoken? Too ‘out’ as Jewish? #perhaps I’m paranoid but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist#.
    I so miss my podcast having rarely been able to listen in the afternoon. Let us know where you are
    I didn’t know you could get gluten-free chicken sausages, the kosher ones are yuk! x

  9. Hi Jeni
    Can’t believe you have been axed from LBC – more fool them. I’ve followed your career for many years – Holmshill School plays, TV-am
    etc. I just know you will bounce back. Hope to hear you again soon on another radio station. Best of Luck

  10. Dear Jeni,
    I live in Australia and have laughed, winced and hooted with all of your LBC podcasts, and knew the gig was up as soon as I went to the LBC podcast page this morning, searched fiercely for your name, and it wasn’t there…well, apart from a skerrick of your sunny disposition, which they can’t expunge, no matter how hard they try.
    Keep the faith, stay strong and I will whisper a prayer of good luck across the oceans for you, dear girl.

  11. Dearest Jeni, It’s important for me to say that our opinions on many things are worlds apart – we really are polar opposites. However, I genuinely loved listening to your show and your expression and passion for your beliefs never wound me up, even when I had differing views myself. I loved listening to your comments because I felt they came from a true place and you were purely genuine. Over the years the more I listened the more I came to realise you were someone who had stood by your values when others hadn’t, often put your neck on the line and battled the cause coming out the other side unarmed with the perks and treasures many ‘so called’ leftwingers seem to find themselves rewarded with!
    Both yourself and your former colleagues know the truth about your time at LBC and your exit, however I am angry that we (as listeners) seem to have no involvement with the programming. To my disatisfaction LBC is becoming more and more political and the entertainment value is vanishing.
    I had planned to move away from the station some time ago, but you kept me there. However now you are gone I will be going back to music.
    I don’t want to give you pointless cliches and redundant advice, sometimes sympathy is not constructive.
    All I would say is you have a wealth of experience, thousands of people that love you, a good head on your shoulders and an amazing collection of contacts. Sit down at your kitchen table and plan your next move. A TV Show, A Book a one woman show. LBC was radio university for the last three years, you’ve learnt, graduated, now you can move on with the satisfaction you are trained and experienced in all elements of the media, from TV, Theatre to Radio.
    The opportunity is there – but don’t fanny around get going with it! Somehow I think the authoress route may end up being the way for you. The Jonathan Harvey show ‘Beautiful People’ should give you some inspiration. If those scripts can be created from the life of a window dresser, imagine what could be put on paper about your exploits over the past 60 odd years!

  12. Best wishes for the future, Jeni. You should spend two weeks relaxing in the sun and to hell with the rent on the flat. The capitalist landlord can wait as you clearly need a break, and YOU are the most important person. Let your hedge grow before the staff are recalled and tip your toes in the warm sea. Hope you are back on air soon lovely lady. Dave

  13. Hi Jeni,
    In my humble opinion you mean well. However, I turned off from my favourite station LBC when you came on air.
    Too left-wing, too opinionated, too rude to anyone one more intelligent!
    The debarcle over MMR was a prime example. If you don’t think you came across as rude, arrogant and ill-informed, especially when ranting against a nurse and a GP who dared to phone in, then you deserved to go.
    I wish you well and I hope you just take a step back and enjoy the old git!

  14. I must be ones of the last one to realise that you had left LBC. Went back to work and could not listen until last week Friday. I am so gutted… I am sorry but no offence to Petri but I cannot listen to her show. It is not the same… Do you have another talk show on another radio station?

  15. I just had a bit of a rant on LBC’s feedback link. Just found out. Idiots. I never got round to being a first time caller. I was ill recently stuck at home and you always brightened up my day with your warmth, compassion and humour. Now recovered I’d started to use a portable radio on the go to still catch your show. I’m gutted you’ve left although discovering your website has cheered me up. You’re everything that’s right with this country, a bit mad and never boring.

  16. Hello Jeni
    I have been really sad that you are no longer on the airwaves. I always tried to listen to you. I love your sense of humour and personality and you are always funny, clever, thought provoking and very very interesting. I always knew that what you said came from the heart. Anyway, lovely girl, hope to hear you again and I wish you much happiness for the future whatever you do. Please let us know.
    PS. Don’t let the b……s grind you down girl!

  17. jeni, why??? why did they let you go??? i need to know because this snap decision has ruined my afternoons!
    i hope that you somehow return to radio soon jeni because i will miss you terribly!
    please don’t feel down about being let go by LBC. it’s their loss, not yours.

  18. So sorry you are not on anymore Jeni. Will really miss your afternoon show although I did not always agree with you. Petre Hoskins – for goodness sake – how boring. LBC have tried her at different times of the day. Haven’t they got the message yet. No longer listening to afternoon LBC

  19. It’s taken that long to realise you had gone.
    I feel lost, loved your show
    come back.
    Hope your lovely girl is recovering well
    miss you miss you
    cant stand Petri yack!!!!
    french VIVIxx

  20. Hi Jeni
    So sorry to learn that you are no longer on LBC. I loved listening to your shows, you are such a warm, honest, lovely lady. I emailed LBC to find out why you had left and I was told “Jeni has left the station as part of a schedule change”. Rubbish but their loss. Good luck with whatever you go on to do, I would love to have your beautiful qualities.

  21. Jeni,so sorry that you’ve left LBC… you kept me smiling during a very rough time lately. Only found your site today and am pleased to read that Bea is recovering well from her op. Wishing you well and hoping to find that you’re back on the airwaves soon.

  22. It has taken me a little while to realise that you are not returning to LBC thinking Petri was covering for hols, sickness etc! and I am saddened by your departure from this radio show. We are opposite ends of politics and many other things but you are a 1949 baby like me and it is has been fun to listen to your point of view, especially with your sense of humour which is similar to mine! May the future see you happy, healthy and prosperous. Will miss you.

  23. so disappointed that Jenni has gone…like your previous caller, i thought she might be on holiday……….enjoyed listening to her….i dont like discussions on politics..boring and predictable……so will not be tuning in to Petrie….we need more “human interest” calls and discussions in the p.m……….thanks.

  24. Hi Jeni, well I don’t know where to begin. I can’t believe lbc let you go like that. I miss your show terribly and your bubbly voice. You covered soo many brilliant topics many of which helped me with lots of personal stuff that I had going on, and the guests you interviewed were all inspirational. I hope you are well now, take care and hope you’ll pop up somewhere soon. Kind regards Naznin and kids.

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