To Glen, and all of you, yes I’ve received your wonderful comments. It feels as if I am always in turmoil. What if one day I posted really good news up, none of us would know what to say…
I am now in the middle of a full blown cold – inevitably. Sunday has been snappy and friendly. I shopped for veg this morning then we visted two of our lovely friends who have renovated a barn. I knew I wss feeling more positive because I didn’t feel green with envy, just a little lime. They have an oak tree that is so big, and female, I hugged it for just a little two long.
Because of three sneezes a minute I look pale and drawn. I have lipstick and blusher on so now I look like Jane, in the ‘Whatever Happened To Baby’ film. Me and Bette Davies look like kissing cousins.
My wonderful landlord is helping me out for two months so I can keep in the flat and look for work. He has to be the most understanding, generous geezer on the planet…
I’ve just had two mugs of chicken soup – homemade – one pear and a carton of coconut water. Not to mention a teaspoon of Manuka honey. The soup – Jewish Pennicillin – has helped my chest. The fact that its soup means I can dupe myself into forgetting that chicken is actually meat otherwise my body would be crying fowl play.
The old git and I are arguing.

Par for the course when we book a holiday.
I don’t know how to do it, he worries that whatever he finds will be cack and I will chuck a Jewish Princesses vapour.
I really want to talk to a real travel agent who doesn’t rip us off. We have friends with homes in Italy, Spain, France and Scotland, but it’s not hot sun, white sand and warm sea..
I want the holiday fairy to send me a link so that I can get the most beautiful place, in the sun, for as little money as possible, so that the three of us can recoup, rekindle and remember what it’s like to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
I am about to start reading the trilogy that everybody else has read. The Swedish crime books by Mr.Larrsson that have been made into films. Now that I have gardening leave I have some clear head space.
The daughter is laying down a track in the attic.
The husband is laying down potatoes in the kitchen.
And I am laying down.
I cannot begin to tell you what your comments mean to me. When I am rich and famous I shall take you all out for a raw food meal in San Diego – well why not?
I’m off now to blow my streptococcic nose, hug the old git for trying to find us a holiday, open the first page of me book, and smell the aroma of roast potaotes, well try to anyway, the blocked tubes mean I shall have to imagine the smell of toasty, roasty spuds.
Tomorrow the daughter has her first physio at the hospital. And I am able to be there – there is always a bright side eh?

55 thoughts on “Sunlay”

  1. Hi Jen
    I have been a long time listener to LBC, but not anymore !!! The way they have treated you is dispicable.
    But chin up lovely lady, I have no doubt you will be back – stronger and more determined than ever before.
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing you again very soon x x x

  2. Jeni my lovely I have been away for a few days and just caught up I can’t believe it LBC have lost me as a listener also! Great to see all the messages from your listeners though, I love you for your passion and honesty and that will shine through.
    Any time you want a little holiday in Wales come and stay no sun no sand but a cute Westie and a warm welcome. Much love Marmite xx

  3. Dear Dear Jeni
    What a shock for you but I can’t say I’m surprised, I heard your show on Wednesday and was loving it. I thought how rare it is to hear someone on the radio who I agree with politically, and so eloquent too. But there was a nagging doubt in my mind that the powers that be wouldn’t agree with me, after all how many left wing commentators have a daily show? And surprise surprise the Tory blogger gets a daily gig at 7.00pm. Well guess who won’t be listening to him.
    Sorry not to be here for ages,I’ve been mega busy with my business which I started a year ago after being made redundant. It’s been scary and hard work but what joy to be working for myself, and I’m no spring chicken either :-}
    Take all those positive vibes coming your way and remember everything that happens to you is sent so you can learn something. You must be a feckin genius by now!
    Have a lovely holiday and come back fighting. You could always start your own radio station, well, you have the contacts?
    Love n hugs xxx

  4. Hi Jeni
    Reading all the lovely comments I realised that most people feel like me, that we have lost a friend who pops round in the afternoon for a chat, and that friend is such a good friend she doesn’t mind if we get on with the ironing or peeling the spuds for dinner tonight. Also that friend listens to us, cheers us, and when we are down lifts us up again.
    Thats how your listeners and everyone who has writen comments clearly feels about you Jeni.
    So my very good friend, let us all return the favour and cheer and lift you up now.
    Keep well darling girl.
    Love June

  5. Hi Jeni, Just got back from a week away and so much has changed! Just to say will miss you on Lbc just as i missed you on GFL. Am gutted. Enjoy your holiday wherever it may be. Remember we all care about you. Kerri xx

  6. Good luck with the hospital appt – every cloud has a silver lining, and you being there to support your daughter is bound to help / aid her well being.
    I’m not looking forward to this afternoon, it is as someone mentioned above, like the loss of a friend – I hope, despite it being such a horrible time for you, that you are rightly proud of the great impact you had on all those who listened to your show, an impact that cant simply be measured by listener numbers, nor is it an impact that others on the station could ever make.
    So keep smiling, keep your head held high, you’re bigger & better than JR could ever dream of being. X

  7. Hi Jeni,
    I have been away for a week and just seen the news of departure if you can call it that.
    Living here in Italy, I used to listen to your show in the afternoon for the first two hours until I had to pick up my kids from school, and many times I arrived late because I couldn’t prise myself away from your shows or callers.
    Anyway all the best for the future in whatever you may do, afternoons will not be the same without you or the old git. By the way Florence and Chianti are lovely at this time of year, get yourself over here and enjoy some of La dolce vita. xxx

  8. Hi Jeni! I am sorry to hear that you now have a cold on top of everything else! We share the same birthday and I am also down on my luck at the moment. Maybe there is something in the air or the planets aren’t aligning in our favour or something like that! Our time will come – you’ll see!!! x

  9. Hi Jeni,
    So sad to hear your gone. Hadn’t realised until I tuned in for my regular fix waiting for you to start at 1pm and heard that Petri would be taking the show. When did you go?
    Not impressed, was my favourite part of the day, kept me going in my solitary office while at work. Wont be same so I’m finding another station!
    All the best and hope to hear you on the radio again soon.

  10. Hi Jeni…..oh horror!!! I can’t bare the thought of an afternoon with Petri!!! She’s just not my cup of cocoa at all!!! I LOVED listening to you on LBC and have only just realised that you are no longer there. So sorry but know that you will go on to greater and better things. Kathy x

  11. I disagreed with nearly everything that you espoused on your show. A lot of the time you infuriated me, sometimes you informed me, sometimes you made me laugh, but most of all, you always kept me entertained. You were head and shoulders above the rest of the daytime line-up. Good luck and hope to see or hear you working again sometime soon.

  12. What’s happened with your LBC afternoon show?! No longer listed on the LBC web site?
    My favourite presenter gone!!
    What’s the low down, Jeni?!

  13. Hi Jeni,
    Why don’t you have a look at Cyprus for a holiday. The weather is still 30C in the day – and it is always hot until at least mid October. Evenings are getting a bit cooler by then. As long as you avoid the school half-term (23-30th October) you should get a good deal. It is a lovely, laid back place – perhaps somewhere that might be a good place for you all to relax.
    Hope you are beginning to feel better – you are so missed on the airwaves.
    Take care.

  14. I’m really upset that your gone from LBC because you were the light in a sea of Right Wing Rhetoric.
    You might have been bonkers Jeni but your were our bonkers Jeni Barret and we loved you even more for it.
    Only a few weeks back you read out an email from me about looking after people at the bottom and you made my day because you were the only presenter on there that understands that not everyone can be a high flier.
    That slot on LBC is a poisoned chalice for any woman and your not the first and I’m sure you won’t be the last.
    So chin up girl,and on to bigger and better things. Now we might now see you lovely face on the telly more.
    Lots of love and Kisses Billy P.

  15. Oh Jeni, I can’t believe you’ve gone. Your warmth, honesty, eloquence – whenever I wasn’t at work I looked forward to your programme. I have listened to LBC since the station started in the 70s – not any more.I have laughed and cried with you and had reached the point when I felt brave enough to phone myself as you have such a knack of putting people at their ease. I particularly wanted to talk to you about my lovely mum who has dementia. It has been so sad & difficult to come to terms with, and you are the only one I felt I could talk to.
    My love and best wishes to you and heartfelt thanks for all the hours you been in my life. I with your daughter well (my daughter had same op when she was 18) I hope you get over your nasty cold and have a lovely holiday. Please let us know what you are up to via website. Lots & lots of lovexxxx

  16. Hi Jeni,
    I have been writing into LBC, letting them know of my disgust and anger at them for letting you go.
    I have written to James O’ Brian asking where you are, ken Livingston too and both have not replied……not surprising really!
    I miss you and your shows greatly. What am I to do….I have Jeni Barnett withdrawal symtoms!
    I shall let you know if LBC get back to me….I doubt they will…but I shall continue to pester them in protest of your departure…WE LOVE JENI!
    Joe, Gipsy Hill

  17. HI Jeni, what a shock when I tuned in today and heard you had been replaced! I am so not happy – I often empathised and related to lots of your views and family experiences that you spoke about so passionately. I have listened to you from day one and rarely missed a show. I wish you and your family lots of luck and happiness for the future and hope you will grace the airwaves again real soon, until then enjoy a well earned break and keep strong.
    Janis x

  18. Hi Jeni,
    I am so sad, each week day I listened to your show at 13:00. I am currently writing a review and you got my through the process with interesting thought provoking topics. I am appalled. I don’t necessarily like the style of the presenter who has now taken over the slot, so I have switched to classic fm. I will do this until the wale starts at 16:00.
    You have been on my mind and I have been searching the web looking for information about what happened. What angered me is how these business don’t even seem to consider the listeners, as though we would not have noticed? It would have been nice to be informed of their reshuffle. You brought a balance to the agenda of the presenters as some of them are quite offensive about the poor, disabled people on benefits, and immigration and race issues. I’d like them to get rid of Nick Ferrari and James Max, the most pompous g…

  19. Hallo again Jeni, just read the above comments and am so very sorry that apparently LBC have been creeps (still don’t know what happened…) but keep your dignity dear girl, and be the lady that you are, and you will find that the Universe sends you something better. Remember what my old Mum used to say (GRHS) “When a door closes, a window opens”… wherever you are, let us know and we will listen/watch, you were the best presenter on LBC and they really don’t know what a gem they’ve lost. Zyma gezint!xx

  20. at last! no more having to endure you *ahem-ing* (clearing your throat) from 1 – 4pm. peace returns to the airwaves…hurrah!
    added to that the incessant “yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah” and the nauseous “talk to me” and the bad (and dangerous) science you always espouse. a victory for LBC for finally seeing the light!
    please feel free to go to the barren wasteland that is the shopping channel…it’s you down to the ground.

  21. Hi Jenni i’m still really missing you! i have just had to switch to Jazz FM between 1 and 4pm i just cant bear it without you! Been having some banter with the head of programming at LBC what a charmer-NOT! what do they have a complaints page for if they get snotty when you complain! anyway i hope you find somewhere lovely to go for your hols and lets hope we all hear your lovely voice again soon! lots of love Janine xxx

  22. Jeni dear, Just look what happens when I take a holiday for a week. LBC has turned into a right wing chauvinistic station. Listen my lovely if you can survive being slum cleared you can survive being cleared by scum.Write a book about it girl. When the going gets …

  23. p.s. This is the message I have just sent to LBC What on earth are you doing getting rid of the very best presenter any radio station has ever had !! Jeni Barnett !!!!! I for one will not longer be tuning in to LBC, all I can think is that it must have been done by a flipping man !! women adore Jeni, Petrie Hoskin has no idea how to run an afternoon show, she had no compassion or love. Bye LBC I will return when Jeni does !!!

  24. Jeni, I don’t know what happened but I tuned in to listen to you today and was disappointed. I was a frequent listener and enjoyed your show. I’ll miss listening to you! Hope your cold leaves you very soon and you find the perfect holiday to help you feel happy and ready for the next chapter.
    Best wishes

  25. Hi Jeni
    Thank you for all the wonderful listening time you have given us. You are very brave in the way you are so honest and your choice of subjects have always been
    different . Each day I waited for your programme and I am really bereft without it. I cant stand the other arrogant self opinionated LBC presenters and it will be back to radio 4 for me until you reappear again somewhere soon I hope
    all best wishes

  26. Ooops what a wally Jeni one n one i how many times have i heard you say that and i mis spelt it! Sorry!! Janine. Again! xxx

  27. Jeni,darling girl, I tuned in at 8:00 am, my time, this morning to realize “something was up” and went straight to your blog and couldn’t believe it!!! What an awful shock. I’m just so pleased that so many people will miss you as much as I will and obviously love you as I do. It’s all been said and I so agree – your voice was wonderful to listen to and I loved what you had to say. The best thing is that you answered an e-mail I wrote to you on the 17th with rows of xxxxx, even though I was too late for it to be read. I’ve printed it up and might even frame it!!! I hope you and B fully recover and I know the old git must be a great comfort to you. Have a good holiday where it’s warm and forget, as much as possible, the bad and remember that people are thinking of you and missing you very much. With love, Susan,Ontario.
    P.S. The lady who wrote saying why have a Complaints quite right! I complained once about a late night guy (who’s not so late night here)initials N.M. and got a very snotty reply!

  28. I still cant get used to you not being there and having emailed lbc and got such an uncaring rude response i really wont be bothering with them anymore. You were so real Jeni and i really do wish you the best and hope you find work soon that you will be happy in and appreciated for who you are.
    Praying for you and your

  29. I’m not sure why so many people are having a pop at Petrie, she is wonderful? Yes it is sad the way that Jeni departed (probably with not much notice) but to be honest Jeni’s show was not for me. Can I add that I absolutely loved and love the woman when she was on TV; a truly fabulous presenter but not in my opinion on the radio. The topics were getting tiring. If you liked homeopathy and champagen socialists then this was the show for you. As for LBC being right wing, has Red Ken and James O’Brien changed allegiances and are now conservative? Thought not. I wish you well Jeni. Get back on the box where you shone!

  30. Oh dear Jeni – what a sorry mess! You are going to be so missed by me and squillions (if there is such a number!) of listeners. LBC are the biggest losers – you were and are an asset to any radio and tv station. Your wit, charm, compassion and knowledge are legendary – wherever you go and whatever you do – I wish you well – please mr media – give this wonderful lady a voice again – we are missing her already!

  31. I have been wondering where you went, I waited all day for you to say “talk to me” peskie is OK but she is really argumentative even when its not warrented. You have an aura of peace, love and harmony I always feel like good things will happen when I am listening to you, I will chase your show wherever it will be next.
    good luck to you and poo to them

  32. Jeni sweetheart, we are shocked. We are so missing you and feel that you have been treated so badly. You have a massive following and LBC have made a big mistake, especially to replace you with Petrie. I have listned to loads of Petrie’s shows and i will eat wood if she’s still in the job in 12 mths. I’ll be back to talksport from now. Were sad, but keep your chin up. Much Love. Xx

  33. Dear Jeni. I feel like a close friend or family member has moved away without having the chance to say goodbye. I’ll really miss hearing you – your show was an integral part of my daily rhythm. Shame on LBC! This isn’t the first time they’ve brutally axed a much-loved presenter. I wish you all the best of health and happiness and thank you for having brightened up my days. Love xxx

  34. Hello Jeni – I tuned into LBC yesterday to listen to your show and suspected something was wrong when there was no mention of your programme having been moved or of when you would be back.I did a web search when you were not on air today and had my fears confirmed.I do not know the circumstances – But LBC have made a big mistake in loosing you.I love your broadcasting style, your well informed straight talking and your humour. Your show was like spending a couple of hours with a good mate. I wish you
    well Jeni and I look forward to your getting another show because on those occasions I shall be tuning out of LBC to listen to you and when that happens- LBC Be Aware – listeners often do not tune back. Thank you Jeni and the very best of luck in the future.

  35. I am GUTTED!! LBC know not what they do !!! We’ve lost our queen of daytime radio. My work-at-home afternoons will be much lonelier and dull without you.
    Good luck and warm wishes for future. x

  36. I wanted to thank you for this great I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to look at the latest stuff you post.

  37. What a great great shame – really loved listnening to that infectious laughter and great chat – in my eyes a most enjoyable presenter – would have loved an Aunty/Sister or friend like you
    All the very best to you and yours

  38. OMG – where are you Jeni?? Tuned in today after being in Cooden, East Sussex last week and you weren’t there?? What has happened? Looks like I’ll be defecting from LBC. Hope you’re OK and we’ll see or hear you soon. Loved your shows and tuned in most days – I’ll really miss you. P.s. you’d be great on Loose Women …

  39. I dont often listen to LBC but today I thought after about 1ish is Jenis spot; I thought who is this? I then looked you up to see why you weren’t on and was sad to hear you had got the chop. I only listened when you were on. Pietre is good, but your voice was special. Darn

  40. I cannot express how upset I am that the lovely, intelligent, eloquent and above all fair minded Jeni has been evicted from her 1pm slot. LBC shame on you!! Petri is at best ok but will never be a patch on Jeni and I for one will NO LONGER be listening to LBC radio in the afternoons. How many listeners do LBC radio have to lose before they realise their stupid mistake. Jeni, i hope you move on to much better things and i look forward to hearing you again soon on a more forward thinking radio station. Once again shame on you LBC!!!!!

  41. Dude, do you by mistake happen to play Diablo ? Your name looks familiar and I think we might had played together a few years ago but I’m not sure. Since you don’t have a bio entry I thought this would be a good post to post, I wish you see my message and replay to me. Mick a.k.a Kingslayer

  42. Been quite some time since I’ve hear from you, I’m cheerful I found your blog. We should meet up again after I’m finally done with this semester school things. I expect you read this comment, I didn’t really know where to comment since you got no introduction post :P.

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