I’ve just come back from my osteopath who said my body feels like its been slapped in the face.
Your comments have made me cry.
Thank you – not for making me cry but for bothering to write at all. Even the bad comments were good.
I will of course get over this quicker than most but slower than I would like.
The professional response would be to let it go since its the kind of behaviour you would expect from such a callous industry. I thought radio was comfy, cosy, I had no idea just how brutal it could be. I have worked in my industry for 40 years and it never ceases to amaze me the endlessly creative excuses the bosses come up with to justify their acts of unkindness.
To everybody who has faced a sudden redundancy my heart goes out to you.

Having to ride the slalom of emotions from self doubt through to self loathing is the hardest part.
‘If I had kept….’
‘If only I had….’
‘If I had been…’
‘If Aunty Becky had Bollox ….’
But as George Bernard Shaw said:
‘If ‘ifs’ and ‘ans’ were pots and pans they’d be no need for tinkers.’
I studied St. Joan for ‘A’ level English, who’d have thought she would spring to mind 40 odd years later.
I bumped into my homoepath in Tunbridge Wells, she was drinking coffee and I was thinking about it. She’s given me a remedy to deal with the aftershock.
I’ve just footed a ladder for Jim to put three lights in the ceiling, He manouvered the ladder carefully and slowly, I had to hold a torch to the socket, keep my eyes closed and think about positive things so I didn’t make him fall – that would have been a fitting end to my week. In the event we have three new 35 watt spotlights beaming out a gentle glow.
It doesn’t take much to shine a new light on a situation.
I’m off now to put the kettle on, drink a mug of camomile tea, nibble on Jim’s nuts and finish Laura Byrne’s book STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. I was meant to be interviewing her next week – all about angels. Maybe that’s why they got rid of me ‘crankology corner’ was never part of LBC’s remit. Still it was wonderful whilst it lasted.

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  1. Hi Jeni, hope you’re doing ok. I used to listen to you everyday and it was wonderful. Afternoon’s are not going to be the same now,hope you find something even better than LBC,i’m sure you will!! I’m switching over to a different channel as a protest!! Good luck darling!xx

  2. I just want to give you a hug a dsome chocolate Jeni! I’ve had two sudden redundancies in a row and I’m trying to get back on my feet now so I know all too well how you feel. It says a lot more about your former employers than it ever could you. And no offense – but your replacement is too unpleasant for me so I’ll be out here waiting to hear the great news that you’ve got another gig!!! I love the fact that you had a healer on and were going to talk about angels. Crankology my booty. It beats listening to everyone else bleat on about *benefit scroungers* and whatever other depressing news is the hot topic of the day. I’ll refrain from commenting on Jim’s nuts LOL!

  3. Hello Jeni, just wanted to let you know I emailed LBC & made my feelings known, also told them they’ve lost me as a listener. I was getting increasingly tired of the preponderance of male presenters, so your sacking was the final straw.
    I have no doubt you will be back with us in whatever capacity, but in the meantime, take the time to rest & get well. Sending more cyber hugs your way.

  4. Oh Jeni
    It’s just horrid to think of you not being around between 1 and 3. You and I are the same age I, too lived in Battersea but am now in Dulwich, we seem to have good and bad times together, you and I. I remember walking over Battersea bridge at a time in my life when things were at their worst and it really lifted me. You’ll soon be doing the same on your way to some fantastic job with B better, and the oosband starring in something great. All your listeners will be thinking of you, I’m just one but wevall miss you. Janie

  5. Hello Jeni,
    In view of what has unfortunately happened very recently, I would just like to wish you all the best for your future broadcasting career and please do take a little time out now to treat yourself. 🙂

  6. My heartfelt commiserations Jeni. I loathe the way JR dismisses then airbrushes presenters from the schedules. You deserved much, much better than that.
    I suggest you re-align your chakras, up your acai intake and wait for the new job offers to arrive. l’chaim!

  7. Dear Jeni,
    I just wanted to make sure you got my comment – I left one yesterday but it seems to have gone astray. Nevermind that…anyhow, it’s an outrage!!!! The only good thing is, you will certainly be on our TV screens again soon – I mean there appears to be a shortage of talented, funny and REAL people on TV these days.
    xxxx Chins up! Glenn xxx

  8. I am sure something will turn up for you. You are very talented. I miss seeing you on Australian TV. You are such a good presenter with a brilliant sense of humour. I am appalled at the way you have been treated, but you have a lot of fans out there – don’t forget that!

  9. Hi Jeni, I hope you’re comfortable at home now, being comforted by the ‘old git’. How brutal of LBC, in the way you just ‘went’! I’m sure the ratings will plummet now, with that awful woman who is going to replace you. You made me laugh, and at times, SCREAM at you, for your insane ideas, but that’s what makes you YOU :-). HOW are we going to know about your future ‘one woman shows’ ???
    Anyway, LONG LIVE JENI – take care, and keep safe. X X X X

  10. If LBC only knew it is their loss. Stay the genuine, warm funny human being you clearly are and don’t let the b*****s get you down. Take care get well and all the best to you and yours.

  11. feel like ive been hit in the guts when i found out yesterday that they have sacked Jenni I feel that all LBC97.3 is becoming just a non-stop party political broadcast for this coalition goverment.what with Max and Dale all the time banging on about them im going to find a new station

  12. Jeni, I’m crying as I write to u. How can this happen?? You were by far the favorite presenter, for me definitely. Life will never be the same again. I don’t know if I’ll bother listening to LBC again! I’m really going to miss u. This was your life and you breathed life into many people. I don’t know what else to say, but I wish u all the best in the future and whatever happens, don’t give up your fitness!
    Loving u always,
    Your distressed listener,
    Lazer xxx

  13. Jeni – my lovely, lovely friend through all the years of GFL and LBC, I am so upset and hurt for you. It was so sudden and brutal. Just take a little time to lick your wounds and know we’ll all be here for you in your next broadcasting adventure. Love, light and blessings, Ed

  14. I am stunned and disgusted by the actions of the prats who run LBC. They don’t know when they are on to a good thing.First they get rid of the hilarious Iain Lee, that was hard enough. But now they have reached a new low by doing this to OUR Jeni.Your show always brought out so many different emotions in me.I honestly don’t know what I will do now between 1 and 4.
    You are an inspirational woman with a sensitivity and politcal understanding that can’t be matched.
    Keep the Red Flag flying!! xx

  15. Hi Jeni,
    I just want to add my voice to so many others. You manage to communicate to our hearts in whatever medium you use – stage, screen, radio, books – so we all look forward to finding out where you’ll pop up next! So love to you and your’s, please make sure you keep us up to date! Love Pauline.

  16. Thank you, Marmite. Life should go on, even without the main pivot on which my life turned.
    Jen, in order to keep a job I think perhaps you need to walk a tightrope. Don’t be questioning, don’t be liked or loved by your listeners, don’t be interesting, don’t be courageous, don’t be worthy, and above all, don’t be too good at it.
    I may sound a bit jaundiced in my opinions but never expect decency from those who stand to gain from profit.
    I am fortunate, my boss is good. Very good, but he’s one of only a few who put their staff before finance.

  17. Hello Jeni,
    Been away for a few days and have just heard the news. I’m both shocked and angry but consoled to read the comments from all the people who continue to support and admire your talent, me included. I do hope something good comes along soon, in the meantime take care and try to rest up.
    Best wished David xx

  18. Dear Jeni,
    It is clear from the emails that you have received that so many of us are devastated by your departure from LBC. Your programmes were a great joy to listen to – your zest for life and your caring attitude is unlikely to be replicated. I have observed lately that LBC appears to be favouring right wing, male presenters.What happened to balance? Jeni, you are a very talented and much liked lady. You will go on to much greater things – you don’t need LBC. Let us know when you will next be on the airwaves – your audience is ready and waiting. Take care. With love from one of your unknown audience. Wendy

  19. I am gutted that LBC have axed your afternoon show. I thoroughly enjoyed your show, it was interesting, informative, emotive and entertaining. I for one will not be listening to the replacement. Looking forward to hearing you in the not too distant future.

  20. Well Jeni
    I am still wondering why and thinking about it.
    Who will speak up for the disabled, the depressed, the people with ME, MS, autism etc etc.
    Who will bring angels to us now?
    And you know, I never did give my virginity to you as a first time caller, it may never happen now, I may be a virgin forever 😉
    Thank goodness you have this blog.
    Tisha and Dardar, still reeling.

  21. Jeni,
    I do wish you well, although I do think it nasty of people to rubbish Petri for taking your slot, after all it’s not her fault that the powers that be like to chop and change presenters. I for one was most upset when Carol McGiffen was ousted, but I didn’t get all arsie and have a dig at her replacement. If you are a good presenter you will not find it hard to get work again, or perhaps you should take an early retirement as your health seems rather fragile.
    After all Jeni, as you’ve intimated before, ‘ money isn’t everything’ maybe you deserve to let the old got take over the reins now- you sit back and take it easy, and give those distinctive vocal cords a rest.

  22. I am so saddened by the way LBC have treated you. I only discovered your show three weeks ago (a happy accident!) and had listened to it every day since. I loved your warmth, openess, honesty and compassion, you were a real joy to listen to and I really will miss your presence on LBC very much. I just wish I’d discovered you sooner!I truly wish you all the best and hope something better comes along soon. Lots of Love Suky

  23. O Jeni, I didnt realise you are not at LBC anymore, I cant beleive it. I wont be listening to Petrie so please update your blog when you get another gig! Thinking of you x x

  24. Jeni – I’m really devastated that you are no longer on LBC. I’ve just found out by looking at the schedule, as I wondered why you weren’t on at 1pm. Did they announce it, and why did they do it. You brought a completely different slant to life. When you start at another radio station I hope I’ll get to know and can listen to you again. LBC just won’t be the same now. Much love

  25. Jeni I only realised today that your slot on LBC has disappeared and I am gutted.
    I loved listening to you every afternoon on the school run. You make me look like a crazy woman in the car as I’m either laughing or sobbing.
    I wish you all the very best of the future. LBC have made a HUGE mistake but it’s their loss. Love you to bits and you stay well. I will make sure I bookmark your blog and stay up to date with your future endeavours.

  26. Jeni,
    I looked forward to afternoon radio because of you. Your topics were so diverse and interesting and you have opened my eyes to a lot of things – and i thought i was already well versed and educated !
    I loved your style to callers as well as your response to texts. My 14 year old son sent a text in to you this year and you responded by saying he could be “prime minister”. He is still walking on cloud nine.
    You so deserved a better departure from LBC.
    Much love and respect to you.
    My very best wishes to Jim, Bethany and your family for the future.

  27. Jeni!! What on earth has happened? I noticed you were off the radio last week but I assumed you or your daughter were unwell (and I don’t listen when you’re not on). Today I excitedly turned the radio on in anticipation only to hear that your slot has been replaced by another. So I’ve been frantically searching the web to find out what happened, and found your site. Whilst I have no issue with your replacement, it’s not YOU!!! I have never written or rang LBC but I will certainly be writing in protest. I loved your programme and as a stay at home mum with two very young children some of your programmes helped me through some really challenging times. I’m going to miss you immensely! I wish you all the best with your future and sending lots of hugs xxx

  28. So sorry to hear you have vanished off LBC – it was only today when Petrie said this was her new slot that i realised something had happened. Do they give you any reasons?
    I do prefer your show in the PM – it is often on many interesting things! Petrie is fine for early evening, although i personally find her a bit ‘jarring’ on my nerves in the calm of the afternoon.
    Oh well hope you pop up somewhere soon and you get your life back on track asap. Get well soon….
    Reiki blessings to you and B!
    Sue xx

  29. Hi Jeni,
    Having once been made suddenly redundant myself, I feel desperately sorry for the sudden change that’s been imposed onto your life.
    I’m not sure how much choice Petrie had in the matter but I am surprised she agreed to replace you at all (I respect Petrie as a journalist and I’m not being nasty but that’s the way I feel).
    For the first time years I’ve switched my radio to Jazz FM in protest (will never listen to the 1-4 slot again) and I’m not sure if I’ll bother going back to the rest of LBC.
    Keep your chin up Jeni and remember, however bleak things look now, they WILL get better (remember the power of positive thought!) 🙂
    Mahesh x
    PS. If they delete your “Jeni Barnett On Lbc” Facebook page please set up another so your FB friends can keep in touch.

  30. Hi Jeni, I can’t believe it, what has happened? Your show turned the afternoon slot around when you joined LBC.I and all of my friends always tuned ino to your show and very often talk of how fantastic you are. You have a wonderful way of making people feel so special. Who is going to keep me company in the afternoons now? Certainly not her…..I will miss you so much darling. Thats it for me and LBC, I am over them…Sending lots of love Nxxx

  31. Jeni I am horrified totally I could not work out why Petrie suddenly appeared, had absolutely no idea, why on earth would LBC get rid of their very very very best presenter I just cannot believe this.

  32. Why, oh why, oh why???!!!
    What the hell are LBC thinking? I’m getting a tad tired of listening to the right-wing rantings of Nick Ferrari/James Whale et al, and have emailed LBC to say just that!
    You will be sorely missed Jeni, you were like a ray of sunshine between 1 and 4.
    Please keep us updated as to your next gig…meantime get well soon. Must go, have to re-tune my radio!
    Craig xxx.

  33. I am so cross that you’ve gone! How dare they? They are turning into a real right wing old boys’s network. Where is the balance? I’m sorry to say when they did this to Anna Raeburn, I was livid.I only started listening when you joined. I didn’t even always agree with you … but now you’ve gone. It feels so wrong! I wish you could land a nice wise thought provoking show. I cannot bear Petri I find her hard as nails and false. I can just see it now! Seek out Angela Brown or Anna Raeburn – there is such a gap for a human interest show, all this political analysis is dreary. Be brave be strong. It will all work out for the best in the end. I should know I was sacked in 2008 after months of bullying. It made me set up on my own. Please don’t loose confidence! Lots of hugs! p.s Keep us in the loop with your next move and we’ll all support you!

  34. Jeni oh Jeni!
    What can I say, I only discovered LBC because a friend said you had a sexy voice! like a real mrs Robinson, (very fickle I know) so I tuned in and have been hooked ever since! You were always honest without yelling at people to get your point across. You were always very supportive of us ‘gays’ and we all adore you for it! I think LBC have behaved dreadfully towards you and your ocean of loyal listeners and will soon regret their decision. I will miss that sexy voice of a lunchtime 🙁 COME BACK SOON!

  35. ….and James O’Brien is still at LBC ???? Say no more really! I’m fumming and sad. But, actually I’m not sad because Jeni will be scooped up quickly.

  36. I am devasted that LBC has let you go!
    You were and still are the very BEST!
    I could only enjoy your Podcasts, since I live in the States, and the time difference prevents me from listening live. But I am very much a Londoner..from East London originally, and my father was born in Bancroft Road.
    Best of luck to you, dear Jeni…a rare and wonderful human being.

  37. Jeni, I have just realised you are no longer at LBC – I am heartbroken, truly. I was looking forward to pleasant afternoon with you. You are so different to the other presenters- the word compassion springs to mind. You have compassion and integrity and an open mind. Jeni, do not despair. You will be abundant because you give abundantly. I will never listent to LBC between 1 and 4 again. I am so dissappointed in LBC. You will be back bigger and better and bringing joy to an even bigger audience. I will never forget your show and the profound,illuminating lessons I have learned from it. Keep keeping on Jen. All my love. Sharon

  38. So sorry about your news and that you’ll no longer be presenting on LBC
    I found you a breath of fresh air amid the storm of ultra right wing presenters broadcasting to middle England’s Daily (hate)Mail readers.

  39. Hi Jeni,
    Can’t believe you have gone – I looked forward everyday to your show – we are a similar age and share the same wicked sense of humour. I hope you won’t disappear and look forward to hearing you on the airwaves very soon xxx

  40. Jeni
    I hope you are recovering slowly, bit by bit gaining your strength and maintaining your dignity. Once balance is restored you will be back in our lives. Just take time out for you. You’ve been through worse times than this. It’s sad LBC chose to make you simply disappear with no explanation. I have to agree with the other comments that LBC are moving in the wrong direction. Everyone is the same, apart from Clive Bull and Steve Alan and who is Gino going to appeal to on the radio? Lovely to watch but to listen to?? Tom Parker Bowles had me salivating, ok I couldn’t afford most of it but a girl can dream! You brought diversity, you brought love and understanding. My dear “Aunty Jeni” you will be missed. If you need chocolate fudge cake, chicken soup or a shoulder or foot massage, just send me an email and I’ll sort it! Gotta go turn the radio off, Petrie’s on, she’s too hard nosed for me. Take care lovely x

  41. I’m heartbroken, shocked and Very Angry! How dare they? I already miss your voice,and that delicious cackle when you laugh!!
    Much love and looking forward to hearing what you will be doing next. Will be there with you! X

  42. dear jeni, I have been listening to your show for the past couple of years whilst driving between patients. There have been so many times I longed to call in, to join in with or challenge you, but I never did. You always brightened up my journey. I know your home town very well,my children also went to the same local school as yours, and your ‘home experiences’ were particularly well described. I can’t believe you have gone, I feel so very sad for you and your listeners. Good luck for the future, I hope a new door opens soon. Catrina

  43. Jeni – How dare they!? My afternoons were planned around your show. I certainly won’t be listening to Petrie (no dish) as I didn’t like her in the evenings. Rather bumptious and pompous in my view. Not like your very very warm personality. I shall truly miss you. Hope you get somewhere soon so I can re-tune into you. Love Maz

  44. Hi Jeni,
    I keep putting on my radio everyday to hear you only to find another presenter on, not mentioning that she is covering for you. I then tried this evening to see on the LBC schedule if your show had been moved and couldn’t find you. I have just read your blog and I am totally shocked that you are no longer on the radio at LBC. I have never called or emailed any of the shows before, but had to to send you this note to say that I am totaly discusted with the way that you have been treated and also for the contempt that the powers that be have for the listeners too. Do they think we wouldn’t notice that you were no longer there!! I know you don’t know me, but I wish you good health and all of the success for the future. You survived before LBC and will and shall survive after! God Bless. Another listener lost.

  45. I too was shocked and heartbroken today after finding out the news. The radio would always be flicked on between 1 and 4 and you never failed to lift my spirits. Give the old git a big squeeze . Love you Jeni (one n one i).xxx
    Claire in teddington

  46. Dear Jeni
    I am truly disappointed. I only tuned in to LBC for Nick in the morning and you in the afternoon.
    I really miss your compassion and humour.
    As you always say God bless you and as ever there will be a tale down the line of how you had to walk this road to get to the place you are headed.
    Much love Xxx

  47. Hi Jeni, so sorry to hear you are not on LBC, you will be sadly missed. My husband who is a Black Cab Driver says its a shame to see someone compassionate replaced by another right winger. Good luck in the future.
    PS We call your replacement horrible Hoskins. Also we won’t be listening to LBC anymore. Love Rose xx

  48. Dear Jeni, I have only just found out that I am not going to enjoy your warm, natural & funny company any longer in in afternoons!
    I can’t believe LBC has made such a ridiculas decision!! I am a sales rep & spent every afternoon with you – I considered you my friend in a very lonely job ! I am so sorry LBC is no longer for me. Take care , Bev x

  49. Dear Jeni, I’ve just found out through this blog after googling for you, that you are gone from LBC. After your holiday, I was waiting for your return, but thought perhaps you were sick. I then emailed LBC, and they replied with a strange worded email !.
    I listen to you from Perth in Western Australia, so I got to listen to you while in bed. I used to love listening to your chirpy voice and ‘talk to me’. I can’t believe that you were ‘let go’. All I can say is that LBC doesn’t know what a little diamond they have lost in you. I’ve always enjoyed your great enthusiasm for any topic you covered. Also your honesty was refreshing.
    LBC holds no interest for me now. I, and my husband who sometimes would listen to your programme, miss you so much.
    I wish you all the best and Shalom my friend.
    God bless you, Maureen x

  50. I really am missing you Jeni sooo much. You always came across as a very decent, caring and kind person. Also I agreed with everything you said so I thought of you as a friend and a person after my own heart. Someone will snap you up very quickly so please be sure to let all your fans know where you are going. Big Love, Jean x

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