The Sounds of Silence

Today I am walking to Buddha – sounds like a Bruce Sprinsteen song – The Buddha who sits facing North, South, East and West on the South Side of Battersea Park. If I run it takes 12 minutes, if I walk it takes as long as it takes.
People meditate on the steps, exercise on the steps, take photographs on the steps or walk their dogs around the steps. I shall just go and muse for a moment.
I shall put on my walking shoes and take a slow mosey down past the boats, smell the river, feed the geese, marvel at the ability of life to continue on around me, as if nothing has happened, and remember to breathe. It’s a New York kinda day – now I sound like Billy Joel – blue skies, cold air and a whiff of expectation.

My acupuncturist at 11.00 to gather my dispersed Chi, my agent at three to drink black coffee – Gawd blimey now the Pointer Sisters have made an appearance – and then a meeting with Barry, a man who has turned out to be the truest oldest/new friend I’ve met.
This morning I received an email from Manhatten from a close girl friend. She returned a message I’d sent to her when she had a work wobble. Reading back my own smug message made it impossible for me not to take my own advice. It is true that time is a healer and it is also true that whatever we throw at ourselves we are funded with the wisdom and strength to deal with it.
As somebody once said:
If you want a rainbow you have to have some rain. – Oh! Please now we’re into cliches – but a cliche is a cliche because it embodies the very essence of the problem.
Not that I feel I have a problem to quote the old Tai Chi Master:
‘That obstacle you can see in the road is not an obstacle at all it is a stepping stone.’
So now a salty bath, a gentle walk, a healing needling, a warm beverage, a huge hug and then I’m off to Leicester Square for a charity Premier for the UK Jewish Film Festival, I have nothing to flog now but I was told to bring myself whether I had a radio show or not. That made me feel useful again.
As I write the old git is booking our holiday in Costa Rica.
Cue Robbie: ‘I’m seeing Angels instead…..’

13 thoughts on “The Sounds of Silence”

  1. Dear Jeni
    I turned on LBC yesterday lunchtime, only to find Petrie Hoskin fronting YOUR show.
    I Googled today to see what had happened to you and was shocked to see that you had been “given the old heave-ho!”. I cannot imagine why. I loved your show and will not be listening to Petrie – she really gets on my nerves with her simpering style.
    I am sure that some “clued-up” radio station will grab you pretty quickly and take advantage of LBC’s ridiculousness. Actually, thinking about it, they could put you on the ITV Daybreak show and try and get some views back there! Another programme I have not stuck to since they removed their attractive personalities and replaced them with the dreary Christine and Adrian!
    I wish you all the best for the future and hope that we shall be hearing from you again very soon. Radio is a far duller place without you. Oh, and by the way, talking of annus horribilis – our family too is having one of those, so we’re all in the same club.
    “Things can only get better” – hopefully!
    Good luck!

  2. Your experience sounds a bit like Sarah kennedy only word has it she left of her own accord.
    Both been very badly treated and I miss you both.
    Hope you are back on another station or TV soon Jeni. You are a real asset to both

  3. I Could not believe it when I tuned in yesterday and found that Petrie was not just ‘in for Jeni Barnett’ but that it was actualy her new spot. It got worse when I discovered that you were no longer there at all.I dont know why I should feel so shocked as this kind of cut throat behaviour is all too common place in society today, as I know to my detriement.
    My afternoons as I head to the end of my working day will no longer be the same, your show always entertained and kept me going as I drove around from place to place in the afternoons. Be assurred it wont be long before someone snaps you up, selfishly I will keep my eye on your blog hopeing that you have taken up another position and I will once again be able to listen to you and enjoy your humour, sensitivity, your strength and also your sense of being ‘one of us’ broadcasing over the airways as I along with thousands of other go about our daily tasks. All the very best to you and yours.
    Julie xx

  4. What a wonderfully positive blog Jeni, well done Girl you can beat this. If you ever want to medidate at a Buddhist temple let me know there is one opposite us in North Herts, you would be more than welcome by our wonderful monks. Head up keep going, you will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow yet xxhugxx

  5. Just heard the news ! I’ve been switching off as soon as the awful Petrie comes on and I won’t be listening to LBC in the day anymore. Your warmth and generosity was my daily dose of affirmation in the essential goodness of the human spirit (which an old cynic like me needs). Wish you luck for your next venture which will surely be along v.soon

  6. Glad you have had an interesting day Jeni, just wanted to say that I went to Costa Rica en route to somewhere else this year and it was Fab. and the people were lovely.

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  8. I’m delighted that Petrie is doing the afternoon slight. She is intelligent and informed and can talk about anything, whereas Jeni is too girlie and can only talk about herself, her family and her self-defined working-class background.

  9. What am I going to do now? I don’t care for Petrie – she doesn’t have a warm sincere voice. I’m 5 hours behind you so I’d get into work at 8 am (1 pm your time) make my cuppa and listen to Jeni. I hope you’re on another radio station soon – i can’t really watch tv from work. I really don’t know what to do with myself – all the other stations are MUSIC. All the best Maureen

  10. Dear Jeni,
    only just found out that you are no longer at LBC. From what I can gather you were sacked. Why. Such a sad shame. Can you tell us what happened. Miss you, keep your chin up. Love Dorothy

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