What conspiracy theory

http://theflucase.com/ is the website for Jane Bergermeister. Whatever you feel about conspiracy theories you must watch this video in the interests of your own health and your childrens.
THE HABIT OF OBEDIENCE is what most of us have adopted in our society, with precious few of us having the guts to make autonomous decisions.
We don’t know what we like any more, we don’t know whether we’re allowed to like what we arn’t sure what we’re allowed to like anymore anyway.
We have no opinions, our guts are forgetting where our instinct is since our instinct is is being lost inside some tabloid newspaper somewhere or its being confused by comments from cyber space.
I went to see La Cage au Folles tonight. The dancers were magnificent. John Barroman was terrific, if a little over the top sometimes and not a little lude, but the evening sent B and myself out into the cool night air determined to come back and see it again, that’s if the swine flu vaccine doesn’t get us first.

4 thoughts on “What conspiracy theory”

  1. Don’t sell us all short, now Jen. We’re not all witless ninnies being led around by the nose. Some of us DO have opinions and DO voice them. Yeah, we’re living in a nanny state, but thats our fault for electing inane politicians who have already failed at their chosen profession and now think ‘Oh yes, I’ll run the country instead.’ It’s time we saw people for what they are. Weak, selfish, shallow and greedy.
    There now, having damned the whole of parliament, how’s life? John Barrowman is beautiful, isn’t he?

  2. Isn’t Jane Burgermeister the strange person who tried to bring a court action against President Obama, Margaret Chan (Director General, WHO), and the whole of the FBI for what she claimed was a world-wide criminal conspiracy to commit genocide via some flu and vaccine scam – or some such guff?

  3. Jon obviously thinks that someone who is trying to hold people to account for their actions shows they are not worth listening to.

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