Soup for supper

Why did i write bout Jane Bergermeister? Because I think any information that comes to me that may illuminate our troubled times is worth a punt.
Today I did travel, travel and more travel. Barcelona and me.
Tonight I am going to see funny women being funny in Battersea.
They had better be since I don’t have a funny bone in my body at the moment. I am hungry and tired.
Good spirits but tired and hungry. I made a soup two days ago with lots of vegetables and bitter gourds to give my body a boost. It looks like a muddy puddle, but you know what they say you cant tell as soup by its cover, who are these they?

2 thoughts on “Soup for supper”

  1. Hello Jeni and fellow bloggers,
    Two weeks ago I collected a 2 year old Lhasa Apso dog, hence not leaving any comments recently. He’s cream/honey coloured and wonderful. He’s changed my life completely and I’ve also lost over a stone in weight too! I’ve named him Jackson, my mothers maiden name and that of my best friend at school David Jackson. NB. My real name is also David but friends call me Hymie. Hope you are all well and Jeni, “soup for supper”? more like “food for thought” well done for keeping us all thinking..
    Love Hymie x

  2. Why shouldn’t you write about Jane Bergermeister? It’s your blog after all….
    Keep on keepin on JB
    Love Fee xxxx

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