Boil for an hour in vinegar. Put them on the window sill to dry.
Take them round to the butchers, Catz in Brick Lane, or anyone who has a proper vice and drill.
String em up and remember what it was like when you were young and kids actually played conkers.
Last night I was fed by two astrologers in Morden. They talked about Pluto, Neptune and other assorted facts about Uranus. It was really interesting. They drove me home and I fell into bed having pigged out on trines, squares and conjunctions.
Tonight I bought B some fancy bangles – she is finally better – and supper at Yuatcha, a Japanese Restaurant which is so cool I got lost in the lavatory. I couldn’t identify the handles, let alone the tap. When the water came out it cascaded over undulating stones, there were no hand towels and the room was so dark I walked into four cubicles before I finally found the exit. My hands were wet so the huge door handles slipped out of my fingers, when I re-emerged into the cool whiteness of the dining room I looked like I’d negotiated Mount Fuji. The bill could have bought us a two way ticket to Kyoto, but hey when in Yuatcha you gotcha do what yuatcha gotcha do….
yes i know!

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  1. Conkers. Collect a few and scatter them about the house. I’m told by Ian, a pal of mine, that this keeps spiders at bay. Course, if you like spiders, well, there you are then.

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