My temperature was so high I slept on the faux-leather settee.
I unstuck myself at 4.44a.m.
Jim looked after me and left me a get well soon note.
Our wedding anniversary was food, film and a fleeting journey to the flat.
I was shivery and shaky and not at all myself.
Bank Holiday was fabbo with lots of peole and chat, the cottage full of children and conversation.
I am now giddy and horrid although i really want to go into work tomorrow.
My mother thinks I am ill because I walk too much.
I think I’m ill because I don’t.
get well soon to me and anybody out there with this horrid bug….

4 thoughts on “Fluesday”

  1. Poor you – I had this last week, take co-codamol and sleep it off, it’s the only thing to do x
    Hugs Fee xxx

  2. Hi Jeni,
    Get well soon!
    Here’s a voice from the past! I’ve just uploaded a You and Me sketch of you with Gary Wilmot on arguing grown-ups. It includes fluffs and expletives (but not many!) on YouTube just search “You and Me”, Cosmo, Dibs. You may have heard of sad death of our FM Bob Checksfield last week and of wonderful director Nikki Crowther a few months ago….
    Ciao, Richard.

  3. Awww get well soon my lovely….can you send Jewish Penicillin through the post???
    Well I can send you a big hug over the tinternet at least.
    Love Marmite xx

  4. Get well soon…to both of us! Got a sprained ankle. Big blue foot in a bandage. Missing cocktails and nibbles and a screening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid! Life ain’t fair!

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