Dawter and mum

The weather was soft and warm when I walked in this morning.
St. James Park was full of tourists feeding the squirrels. There’s something about the tourist when they crouch next to the furry rodent, they all think they are the first to entice the sqidge into eating from their hands. The greedy little beggers will eat anything on offer, but I don’t let on, after all we need all the tourists we can get given our economy.
There were ducks and geese and the great big white St. James Park pelicans. Their heads look like old men. I love them
I got to work, had a bit of a rant – don’t ask! – and then did the show.
The daughter met me in Waterloo, we went to the NFT for olives and coffee. Then Covent Garden for salad and soup. Then the tube to Knighstbridge a saunter past all the fashion shops and a last little luxury of a taxi ride back to the flat.
I am so happy I had a daughter, what would a son have made of a Gucci handbag?
Not that I want one, too expensive and a hassle to handle but nice to to talk about over a cocktail with a 22 year old female at the beginning of her adult life.
Thank God she’s like the ‘oosbid she makes for really good company.

1 thought on “Dawter and mum”

  1. I too have a lovely dawter!!
    was gonner text her to tell her so and congratulate her on being independent after listening to your programme when the phone rang and it was her, “hi mum just thought i’d call”
    It was a lovely connection moment!!
    Loved the programme today.

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