Honey I shrunk my brain

Jim put his ukelele on the roof of his car and drove off. it’s in a car park somewhere in Hornchurch.
B has just been evicted from her house. She starts her new life on June 4th with a pile of trainers, a lap top and no known address.
I had dinner last night with an abusive thespian. i was unable to control myself. I walked from central London to the flat in less time than it takes to
blink Jack Robinson’s eye.
I am now driving home to the cottage to Jim, friends, food and family.
Worra week.

2 thoughts on “Honey I shrunk my brain”

  1. Yeah, worra week. On Monday my Ma was told she has cancer, on Tuesday my Friend left for France, on Wednesday i spent the whole day at possibly the most mind buggeringly dull political meeting on earth, on Thursday, actually, Thursday was good, on Friday we shut our day centre for repairs which we were promised would take 4 weeks, now we’re looking at 18 weeks just to replace the doors……..
    Yeah, worra week

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