Talk like a man….

Every day poses a new set of challenges.
I had THE JERSEY BOYS in today.
4 multi talented actor/musicians who are performing as Franky Valli and the Four Seasons in the above.
It was my first time; me + four…radio aint telly (Dur!) so I was told not to let them talk over each other, not to let them get too over excited and to control my little old self.
They were terrific which made my job substantially easier.

But for the first time today I put my telephone on silent as BB was having a crisis. Never let it be said that my role of mother takes precedence over my role as broadcaster.
It doesn’t mean the show doesn’t go on it just means that the show goes on with one eye on the hand set.
In the event she was fine – arnt they always?
Jimbo would no more worry about his youngest daughter than I would get a huge buzz out of riding a 7500CC Honda somethingorother round Brands Hatch, but there you are men are from earth, women are from earth, deal with it!.
Jim’s having a wonderful time working at the Arcola. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE is such a good production.
I went again last night with Dan & Di, my roomies, BB and Melody, an ex student of mine who is studying to be an actress, LIndy, BB’s oldest friend who is at St. Martins art school, and my agent, who is so smart he makes me feel very special.
We sat in the second row and laughed, cried and applauded very loudly.
I was meant to be going to the Barbican tonight but by the time I had finished work and seen my acupuncturist it was too late.
I lay on my front, whilst needles were shoved into my neck, my feet, my back and my hands. It was hard lying flat, my body is built for Rodin not Giaccometti, but lie flat I did as I was told that the kind of pain in the neck I am is because I STRIVE too much.
I’ve always striven, or stroved, but now, as I approach my 96th birthday it’s time to cut the striving down to a minimum.
So tonight, instead of striving to the Barbican I put on my pj’s and watched Corrie and THE APPRENTICE.
I don’t know if it’s me but ALL of the contestants are deeply irritating. Thick, vacuous and horribly annoying.
Before I settled down B turned up with a flat tyre. So, wearing a disgusting grey fleece over my pj’s I walked with her to get the pump out of Dan’s car,
Dan came down in his pj’s, Di followed on with her wifely support.
Then the dance began.
I drove my car out of its parking space, BB drove hers into somebody elses spot. We had to use my car as BB’s doesn’t have a cigarette lighter. The four of us had trooped down to the underground garage so that Dan could plug his pump into my fag slot.
I reversed out as BB drove alongside mine. As Dan pumped the tyre up to 24 a slimey couple in a big 4×4 slid into view, they wanted to get out of the underground car-park.
I climbed out of my very low 2 seater and went and asked, nicely mind, whether they wouldn’t mind holding on for a couple of minutes until the tyre had reached 32, but the bloke did that bloke thing of humphing whilst whining that he was late already and tutted as he metorphorically looked at his watch.
So, me and Dan and Di and B jumped to and after some very noisy manouvering shunted further up the garage. The woman in the passenger sea was applying make-up and was, apparently, Sophie Anderton.
According to Di and B, who are experts on celebrity, she’s a bit of a female dog.
We all nodded as they disappeared out into the Battersea night.
The two young women who were sitting in the car giggling as Dan pumped up the back tyre, were surprised that we had such salubrious neighbours. I wouldn’t know Sophie Anderton if she bit me on the bum, which I’m told, given half a chance, she would.
I am now utterly exhausted, my actor husband has just walked in the door , all cold from being on his motorbike.
He’s just booked himself a golf match (!) with his mate Jack, I am very pleased with myself so its off to bed with a wonderful book called NARROW DOG TO INDIAN RIVER .
I am interviewing TERRY DARLINGTON and his wife MONICA tomorrow, all about taking a narrow boat, and their dog JIM, through the Intercoastal waterways of America. I can’t wait to meet them, if they are half as entertaining as the book it should make for another fun show.
Thank you all so much for listening, and e-mailing, the show would literally be nothing without you.
tarra and cusoon.

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  1. Did you know Sophie Anderton is a hooker………
    no wonder the guy was looking at his watch ha ha

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