A New Hair Day

The chicken is cooking, the roomies are watching golf – yes I did say golf – the vegetables are waiting to be tossed in butter and its awfully late.
21.07, although the radio controlled clock in the sitting room is standing at midnight, has time stopped?
I couldn’t cook immediately because I had to drop somebody off at Victoria and then dash to the hairdressers.

When I was at GFL I used to go to a swanky salon in Mayfair. It cost an arm and a leg not to mention the pound of flesh.
The colourists and stylists were busy and attentive whilst the cost of a coffee, even though it hadn’t passed through the intestinal tract of an otter, was very pricey.
Now I go to a local hairdressers in Battersea.
They’ve re-designd the work space so you have to walk up a very steep set of stairs to have your hair washed.
Anybody with a hip replacement need not make an appointment.
I sat with the get-rid-of-the-grey-gunge on my head and winced as it made my scalp itch so badly my hairdresser gave me her comb to poke my head with. Whilst I sat stabbing my scalp with her long tailed comb I read PILGRIM STATE by JAQUELINE WALKER in preparation for tomorrow. Its an emotionally testing memoir, and a very good read. I shall continue reading after supper.
Todays show was strange, Steve is now driving the show, pressing the buttons and hitting the cues, he’s moved over to the left. Would you believe that tiny difference threw me? I had to shift to find his eyes.
But he’s a good one for dealing with change, makes me feel less of an idiot.
The Mayoral elections took the first hour, Nadia from Pimlico starting off the debate with her take on democracy and pigeons.
Then we talked about alcoholic mums, well I talked nobody was sober enough to call in.
The interview with Mr and Mrs Darlington about their narrow boat and whippet called JIm took us up to three o’clock, after which we went out with a flourish as you very entertainingly talked about swearing, fecking funny it was too.
This morning I had a run by the river, I know I’m going A$$ about blue-tit here, but I have to tell you the light on the boats and river was practically Venetian. Almost bluey white it was with the river as still as a mirror.
That was 13 hours ago. What a big day.
Right, I’ve just tossed my new hair – because I’m worth it – and now I am going to toss the vegetables before my roomies reach their 30’s.
Have a good night and cusoon.