Boiler in the bag

I have white, knitted woollen slippers on.
I have thick winceyette pyjama trousers on with HONEY DEW and BLUEBELL written all over them.
I have a white vest, with lace round the edges on.
I have my fathers khaki v-neck sweater on.
I have a blue cardigan on.
I have a multi coloured fleece on.
Still my thighs are cold.
The heating has packed up in the flat so I look like a sherpa about to mount a peak in Nepal

Charley Boorman was on the show today. The BBC filmed us as we talked about the route, his cult status and his love of wheels. You will be able to see the interview in the autumn after he returns from his ‘BY ANY MEANS’ tour,
Ireland to Sydney, through Europe. Russia and Thailand, to name but three locations where Mr. B. will be sampling indiginous transport from buses to canoes.
I was so cold when I arrived at LBC that I put the heating up in the studio.
Midway through my interview with Mr. Boorman, beads of sweat appeared on his brow as they did mine. By the time we got to 1.45 we both looked like we had walked the Sahara wearing a duffel coat and mittens.
He didn’t complain, he’s a lovely man and I really look forward to his adventures.
For those of you who dont know who CB is, he’s the son of legendary film director John Boorman, and the mortorbike companion of Ewan McGregor.
When Mr. B left it was business as usual. I had a rant about the trend for boiling dead bodies, only in the States…
David Camerons’ initiative for school discipline, the shaking dog and drugs for the under sixes.
Jim has just arrived home from The Arcola, buff from their reviews of ‘Enemy of the People’.
The daughter popped in for five minutes, which ended up with an hours chat in the car.
The roomies are in bed now.
The boiler man is coming at 9.00 the janitor before. The kitchen sink is blocked up and the pump has gone on strike. All in all the flat needs a jolly good going over.
Thank you dear man, Market Kitchen has been going for one year now. They would no more have me behind their hobs than I would want to be there.
But I love you all for still thinking about me.
You can, though, get LBC on your digital radio, or the internet. It is Southern but we welcome you all , specially you scally wags.
That’s it for another night.
I’m going to bed with 44 duvets to keep me warm.
Sleep well.

1 thought on “Boiler in the bag”

  1. Hi Jen
    Sorry about mentioning the Spurs v Toon game (oops done it again).
    Don’t know whether you want to publish this but I listened to your programme about what Cameron had to say about children being expelled and shared your sentiments (being an ageing leftie hippie type like you).
    It reminded me of Camila Batmanghelidjh who runs Kidsco – a charity in London for kids who are excluded and worse. I thought she would make a really interesting guest for you. You can find an article here that outlines her philosophy.
    Hope you ask her on the show, she’s appeared on Question Time amongst other programmes.
    Keep on keepin on Jen, you’re doing fantastically well.
    Not like your team though.
    xxxx Fee xx

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