Heady stuff

The sun shone in through my bedroom window, it was so bright that you could have been forgiven for thinking it was March.
I meditated, faced East,and felt the weight of too many sweets courtesy of Steve Allen.
I finally managed to discipline myself sufficiently to do 15 minutes of conditioning.
I then donned my trainers, watch and heart monitor and went out for my first run since insulting my tissue on December 13th.
The river was low, the air clean and clear. The gulls squealed and wheeled over Battersea Bridge, whilst flocks of unidentifiable birds made magical formations in the sky. The native Americans tell you to look for the pictures in them – I always do – this morning I think I saw a bacon sarnie, well I was hungry.

I had so many emails sending good will to me this morning, you all know who you are. Thank you.
And to my Barnett Bloggers thank you for your unfailing support.
A bad day always sharpens up the wits. Steve and I both had our heads screwed on tight the better to keep any good thoughts under the lid.
My head is now throbbing as I haven’t had any caffeine, and the sugar from all those delicious pink shrimps is easing itself out of my body.
The show was ordered and controlled. Steve and I were glued with concentration.
I talked about my meditation practice, as The Maharishi died this morning. I would be a wreck without my 20 minutes of silence every day, finding the silence inside is the key to my survival.
And I’m not embarrassed to say it any more.
I would have been in the not too distant past, but now, I don’t give a Phuket.
Meditation for child birth, Ceasarian Section, under-age binge drinking, and battery reared children, that’s what jammed up the airwaves today.
The conclusion: We all need to take responsibility for our actions, that children need parenting, that parents need parenting, that The Government is not our parent and should, therefore, stop with their charters for this and contracts for that.
By 4.o’clock I was convinced that the World, as we know it, was coming to an end, but also that out of the old comes the new.
I’m not sure whether it is the lack of caffeine that’s giving me a headache or whether it’s all this thinking.
Whatever it is I look forward to some more brain-storming on Thursday.

1 thought on “Heady stuff”

  1. Hi Jen
    Glad you’ve got yourself back to the balanced you today.
    Don’t worry so much, you’re still learning, you can’t expect to be Miss Radio Perfect in such a short time, it’s all new to you. As Marmite G says Lord Terry makes bloomers all the time and he’s Methusalah compared to you in radio terms (not in age like – NO I’M ONLY JOKING!
    Now if you were on the telly because of who your relatives were and on a new food program and were a wooden disaster from day one then you would worry, but that would be being bitchy and you’re not that. (But it doesn’t stop me from saying it – ha!)
    I’ll go to hell for that.
    Love xxxx Fee xxxx

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