Here comes the sun

I got complacent and didn’t take Jackson out late last night. I opened the door and followed the trail of his widdle. Then we went for a brisk walk. I had on a t-shirt, fleece and my pyjama trousers. Half way round the ski centre, I abandoned my coat. The sun is now hot enough to burn off yesterday’s rain which has formed a puddle in the swing set. The fountain runneth over and the rosehips have bolted. The blackcurrants haven’t done very well this year – I’m told its because we haven’t had a proper frost. The blackbirds normally nick them anyway.
I’m gearing myself up for Saturday’s debut on LBC. I have a low-lying discomfort. I’m not fishing for a pep talk. I just acknowledge that any new venture is a little daunting.
I have prepared the ground to start writing. But as yet getting my bum in front of chapter four is proving harder than scaling Eiger.
Once I start, all will be well but my monkey mind is chattering so much about how difficult its going to be and what kind of rubbish will I be writing and why am I doing it anyway. I am aware that the kind of drivel I am coming up with compares shamefully with the people who have lost everything in Tewskbury.
The comments made me laugh out loud. Sorry LOL, don’t you hate those abbr? I do. Thy mk my blod bl (boil!). Anywy, mst dsh. My bk calls.

6 thoughts on “Here comes the sun”

  1. Jeni, for those of us living in Gloucester and working in Tewkesbury, (and are fortunate to have electricity restored!)you are a tonic as always! xx

  2. Hey Jeni
    Well we are looking forward to you on LBC Sky + is armed and ready! I know what you mean about the comments I love reading those almost as much as your blog!
    Keep em coming
    Love to you and yours
    Marmite Girl xx

  3. Hi Jen
    Good luck for saturday, I’m sure all will turn out fine, as per usual.
    I must agree with you on those abbr’vs etc(!). Sometimes takes me longer to read things, trying to working out what the words are meant to be. Like learning a new language!!!
    Getting there slowly!
    very best

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Well, to start with, I am sure the stuff you are writing is far from drivel if your blog site is anything to go by.
    I know that when people are feeling low and perhaps damp, that they would love to relax with a few pages of your well written (or felt-tiped) offering. I bet people are just charmed by the fact that they are in your thoughts…and ours.
    You need to get going with that book cos we all want a copy!
    Chrissie x

  5. Dear Jeni,
    Not many people may have commented on it, but rest assured, there are those of us who know what you’re doing. I am of course referring to your FOURTH song title in a row. Shameless, you are! And very funny too.
    On a different subject, don’t worry, I’m sure the book will be great – I’ll buy it, both to read, and to contribute to your pension fund. Keep it up!

  6. Hi Jeni,
    Can’t believe I’m writing this, I discovered your ‘blog’ a couple of months ago whilst trying to find answers to why GFL was taken off air and I ended up with you. Well you know what I mean. I am now a bit addicted is that weird or what.
    I will try and listen out for you on LBC but as I live in the middle of Derbyshire I’m not sure that I can get it on my radio so will have to be near either computer or SkyTV to have a listen.
    Good luck……….. Both myself and my partner (big beefy builder)miss you and GFL as you made us laugh out loud quite a bit but we learnt lots too so that was good don’t you think. Get back on that TV stop messing about please!!!!
    Don’t watch UKTV Food anymore as I’ve seen it all before (repeats)………what is wrong with them. More to the point what am I paying for, think I may just have to write to them about this.

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