Having a ruck

If a person from la droite critiques a person a partir de la gauche the criticism tends to take the form of accusations of anger, envy, jealousy, bitterness and lily livered vegetarianism.
If a person a partir de la gauche critiques a person from la droite the critism tends to be in the form of accusations of greed, hypocrisy, indifference, heartlessness, and snotty nosed hunting.
The last four years, headed up by the fat controller, twisted the Rubik cube of Government, spinning the truth. We witnessed the end of reasoned debate and joyful discussion. It was goodbye to the Rabbinical concept of argument and examination all tossed out of the Capitol’s window along with Caesar Chavez and MLKing’s busts.
According to the tradition of my forefathers and mothers ( especially the mothers) arguments were deemed good and healthy. A functioning society is thus fuelled by debate, according to centuries of tradition. Shying away from an argument is unhealthy and decidedly unproductive, as we witnessed when the orange cock womble silenced any dissenting voice.
How do we move forward if we don’t look at every issue from every angle, by looking inside and outside, over and under the rug, how can we expect to find the truth?
I’ve long been an advocate of U-turns. When a leader admits to being wrong we can all breathe a sigh of relief, common sense has pushed open the door of decision making and we witness humanity. I never understand why banner headlines criticise U-turns. Sometimes arriving at conclusions takes time. Only the bold of heart can admit to their mistakes.
I was taught that diversity of opinion is a strength, discussing the pros and cons of bell bottoms till three in the morning with a warm bottle of Liebfraumilch and cocktail sticks flaunting cheese and pineapple chunks was the highlight of my youth. I was also reminded that however much I thought my opponent was a total tosser I still had to respect their point of view and remain civil. I know it’s hard but if we don’t observe these kinds of rules we end up with painted wankers, wearing horned and furry head dresses storming the halls of democracy.
When I was on LBC I was forever asking the callers to talk to me – talking, listening, sharing opinions, and everybody who contributed was better off after they had shed their load. Talking is by far the best way of achieving anything, isn’t it? Whether Winnie said it or not, as the Luftwaffer was bombing the shit out of Coventry, and us Dresden, didn’t the man sucking on a large Corona say , “Jaw jaw is better than war war”?
The last four years has taken it’s toll and removed our ability to sit round the camp fire, with a peace pipe, negotiating the rights and wrongs of just about anything. The arsehole that called himself a man of the people gave voice to the kind of native that Nigel Effluage represented; ill informed, frightened, xenophobes with about as much care for the community as a scabby hyena.
Sometimes the angry are the ones that get things done; isn’t it acknowledged that anger is a catalyst for change? Sitting smugly by, watching injustice after injustice is the privilege of the privileged. If you ain’t got much and it dont look like your gonna get anything anytime soon then it’s your right as a human being on this withering planet of ours to shout and throw stones at glass houses even if they have been redesigned by Kevin McCloud.
Commentators and influencers commentate and influence. In an era of fake news commentators and influencers should be allowed to do their job. As we count the cost of lock down with school closures, pubs shutting, theatre, ice rinks, bowling alleys and bingo halls closing their doors, as we watch children in some schools getting 6 hours of virtual education whilst children in other schools picking up the scraps of a 2 hour session from an exhausted teacher who hasn’t been tested or traced we must honestly take stock.
As long as thems that have are poles apart from thems that have not there will be angry voices of disapproval. Doesn’t mean you can’t tell a dirty joke or have a laugh, but it does mean that thems that have not have to keep an eye on thems that have otherwise we end up, like in the last four years, with those who dont give a fuck making rules for those who do.
So to all you carnivores I am now about to make mung bean and red lentil stew with white rice and almonds, a green salad with a tahini dressing, all topped off with a healthy slice of leftwing propaganda and a squeeze of bitter lemon.
Bon Appetite.