Banana Split

Trying to remain positive, although my pain would test the patience of a Saint.
Spent yesterday in A&E. Blood tests, urine tests, x-ray. They sent me away telling me there was nothing wrong. Even though I was doubled over in pain.
An elderly woman in the ward asked everybody that came in her orbit to ‘talk to her’. I said I was sorry but I was in too much pain, she said mental or physical, the conversation ended there.
The nurse was less than cheerful. When she put the canula in my arm, you could have sworn I was an effigy for her worst auntie….
Today I have had my salt bath, will be meditating then going for a slow walk to try and shift the discomfort. On Thursday, my birthday, I will be standing with radio active fluid going through me. I am trying to remain positive for the outcome.
The Magnolia tree is flowering, the daffodils are nodding, the primroses have taken over the garden. The old git has filled all the bird feeders so we have our daily pheasants, Jays, tits of all varieties and blackbirds,I sit near the rose wall, camomile tea in hand, and remember that I still have all my senses.
I look yellow since I’m living on bananas, anything else gets lodged in my concrete setting gut. I’ve taken to eating them in thirds, if anybody tells me too many bananas are bad for me I shall throw the skins at them. Jim makes me Slippery Elm and I watch the buds burst.
So in answer to your queries, the Consultant was less than useless, the tests continue, my tears fall and my family and friends and support me, as do all your lovely messages.
I am alive. I am ticking over but I am bored, frustrated and angry with the pace of my recovery. I have a life waiting to be grabbed, and the minute I am solved I will be out there grabbing it.
As for now have a lovely Vernal Equinox and may Spring time spring for all of us.

7 thoughts on “Banana Split”

  1. Thank you for the update we readers do worry when you go quiet.
    Let us hope the radio active glupe finds nothing.
    Stupid question but trapped wind give awful pain in odd places. Have you tried peppermint tea?
    Big hug xxhugxx

  2. Happy birthday dear.
    Wishing you a bright and healthy future. May you have a speedy recovery with whatever it is that’s disturbing your well being. How dare they!
    Try your best to keep positive and optimistic. Keep writing. Keep walking. Keep moving.
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Spring is springing .Daffs and new greens are popping their new fresh heads out all over . Lanes and verges are covered with them . This is the REAL NEW YEAR . Jeni … Hope your pain has answers soon .

  4. Hello you, no blog for a while, how are you doing?
    Thinking if you and watching for an update.

  5. Hope that you are ok and in control of your health . There will be an answer somewhere . Take care .

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