It ain’t been easy, I will admit.
The pain has been so excruciating, changing its nature, that I’ve been sleeping on the settee, living on bananas and crying more rivers than Julie and Justin put together.
I’ve seen healers, doctors, homeopaths, and nurses. I’ve had appointments and talked about the pain so much I’ve taken to cleansing the house to get rid of the negativity.
Last night was so bad we nearly went to A&E, but this morning the cruel pinching has subsided. Nobody knows what the issue is so there’s no point in speculating as to why, and what the pain is, I have another appointment with a surgeon on March 10th.
I’m saying affirmations, bathing in salt water, chanting, listening to healing CD’s, watching telly and being comforted by the old git. Who has been remarkable. Watching a man, who fixes things, not being able to fix me, has been wretched.
Then on March 2nd we drove to Hackney, Delivered new speakers to BB then took the bus and tubes to the Natural History Museum. Her treat, every year, to see the Wild life Photography Exhibition. I lasted until the ‘Snow Hare’ then the pain kicked in. We sat in the caff and drunk tea. Then it was the tube and bus back to Hackney, where she made me my trusty hot water bottles. We set off. Back home by 6.30
29 years ago the midwife shouted at me to hurry up and get on with it so she could see this baby come into the world, she knocked off at 7.00. After meditating my way through the birth at 6.55a.m. precisely, a beautiful baby with a head of black hair arrived, looking exactly like my mother,
Jim held her, and off he went to finish making an attic door. We were taken to a private ward because I’d opened the hospital fete. They thought I was a film star. My daughter and I were left alone. 7 hours later we were being driven down Bunny Lane to the Cottage Hospital. The birth was announced on telly and the ward filled up with so many flowers they were distributed round the hospital.
9 days of bliss – it was like that then – the nurses talking me through feeding and nappy changing, whilst the unnamed baby lay in her crib with headphones hanging over the cot. She’s listened to music every day of her life since. We went home. It was cold and snowy. The next door neighbour named her when she was ten days old. She’s never forgiven us for being so tawdry.
When she was two and a half I asked her why she chose him and me as her parents. she said because we were warm and musical. She still has headphones over her crib.
29 years down the line she’s still beautiful. They say that only 2% of parents enjoy their children through the different phases of their life. I’ve loved every single second, even when she was a disgusting teenager. She called me up three years ago to apologise for her disgraceful behaviour. I’d forgotten…. Had I realised how lovely kids are I would have had six.
But then how would I have slotted in GFL, LBC, ITV, BBC and this bleeding’ blog.
Happy birthday to all the early March babies.

9 thoughts on “29”

  1. I too had blissful days after post birth in that wonderful cottage hospital that they keep trying to close ! I even had the absolute privalidge of caring for the midwife during her final days whom delivered my baby 29 years ago . Wishing all the 29 year olds a fantastic year ahead !

  2. Sending well wishes your way. Not sure where your pain is but beware bra wires I had chest pain turned out to be bra wire pressure on a nerve !! Took ages to go even after purchase of new bras. Xxhugxx

  3. Jeni … Just read Lindy and her thoughts on bra wires . May I suggest … Kidney stones or gall stones although I am sure the docs will have gone down this path ? Hope you are well soon .

  4. Best of luck today with your appointment. Will have you in mind in our prayers. Thinking of you all the time.
    It’s probably a non too serious problem as suggested above.
    Lots of love xxx

  5. It’s been a few years since I last read your blog, and what a wonderful post to come back to (although huge sympathies with your health issues). I hope that your daughter has seen it x

  6. Thinking of you all the time
    & and wishing you well. Will light a candle for you.
    Love & Hugs

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