Pj Sunday

November came and went.
Parties, voice overs, writing and cooking.
Not a lot of walking – I’m sooooo lazy at the moment.
Meditating, yoga and film watching. Went to see PADDINGTON in Brighton. We all cried.
The dawters gigs.
Squash soup on the stove.
Red cabbage bubbling away in fancy red wine. Belly of pork slow cooking in the oven.
I’m still in my pj’s.
I’m looking at the weather that has changed from gold to grey.
A quick vacuum and then sloppy viewing and perhaps a game or two.
Scrabble is 7/6 to me.
The old man is lagging behind – but then what’s new.
happy sunday.

2 thoughts on “Pj Sunday”

  1. Pat is so right! LBC and London Radio have still not found a suitable replacement. All a bunch of time wasters and not at all worth listening to. When will they learn?!
    Don’t forget tonight is the first night of Chanukah, so light up the nights! Indulge in some latkas or doughnuts but make sure you walk it off the following day!!
    Wishing you a bright future.
    All my luv

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