And now I have finally re-entered the world.
Been strange, tricky, but with the help of homeopaths, witchy healers, friends and the old man I’m feeling more grounded.
There’s something about this ageing stuff that makes me panic. The light at the end of tunnel is almost visible. The reality that what ‘was’ is greater than what ‘is’. So many friends popping their clogs. So many getting ill.
But a massive reminder that THIS IS IT has finally given me the push I needed to get back on the horse.
I’m doing a voice over for a new Channel 4 series. QUIZ NIGHTS. I’ve got a proper meeting next week for something exciting.
There is talk of us going to the States in the spring for The East Coast wine trail.
The affirmation
‘My life manifests with ease, joy and glory.’
Is superglued to my brain. Every time I have a wobble I say it over and over and over.
If I’m feeling weird guaranteed others must be feeling weird too.
I’m hot yoga-ing, writing and getting back my energy. I’ve untangled myself from depressing thoughts.
The old git and I now sit opposite each other in the kitchen. The cat curls up between us. We shake the letters, put out the board. The ‘oosbind writes down the scores and bugger me if we aren’t paying Scrabble. So far it’s two all. We play with the wooden tile holders from my childhood. My brothers pencil drawings on the wood, and my writing is there too.
When we played Scrabble, 50 odd years ago, we had to let my father win. He couldn’t read very well so we protected him. Now, my husband is so clever, I don’t take any prisoners. ZO,ZA, whatever new word I can get my hands on, my aim is to THRASH him. I admit to being a bad loser, he says he doesn’t care, but of course he does.
If only I could drink, Scrabble and red wine, bit of cheese and biscuits. I can’t, thanks to Diabetes, but a 50 point bonus for getting out all of my tiles is marginally better than a Sauvignon Blanc don’t you think?
Who’d have thought it. Games in the kitchen….
As I write I’m wearing a cardigan that belonged to my ma. Have brought down another game BANANAGRAMS. I’m told it’s good.
Anything that gets me and him opposite each other with no distraction is good by me.
My little red Nellie has been serviced, the tappets have stopped rattling and it cost me a third of what I normally pay. I’ve gone to a man with a garage that is up a beautiful country road. All quiet and local. OAP’S have to watch their pennies no?
The cat is on my knee, my computer is upstairs waiting for me to return, and tomorrow is the second meet of my writing course.
Welcome to the world jeni barnett Senior

3 thoughts on “O A PLEASE.”

  1. Oh, how I empathise Jeni. The friends who are ill, the visible light, all that time behind us. The memories that hover at the edge of consciousness as I try to sleep. I have an old git and a cat too, who in cat years is around 100 and greying at the edges. I’m very recently retired but loving all that’s out there and have you tried Words with Friends? Terrible time waster but you could play it with the old git either side of the table. Glad you’re back x

  2. Jeni Barnett Senior!
    That’s the spirit my girl! I like your tone! You should be proud to have reached this age and still have so much to give the world so never allow agism to put you down. You are in your prime and full of energy. Give it your all in everything you do. There is something unique, deep and beautiful about a person over 60 that unfortunately the world of today don’t appreciate. We need to hold on to that generation and listen and learn from their experience and their wisdom.
    I just wish you will one day be on air once again on a regular basis.
    lots of luv,

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