Tools at the ready

Idiot alert.
Wind flowers ARE not WOOD SORREL . Wind flowers are WOOD ANEMONES.
From now on my days as a botanist are numbered!.
Update on the puppy: Gods Gift has gone and got himself a job. Nine months of being a Thespian in London and Bath.
His dog whispering skills were needed to train the little pup. And given my insane work timetable I wouldn’t be around enough to tickle it, feed it, walk it and sleep with it. SO we’ve had to let this one go.
Sods law, every time we walk we come across another little brown blob.
There is next year, and I’m not giving up.
Thank you for your comments about Watch Wiv Muvver. I’m starting on number 12.
Just come back from the orchard but not before the excitement with the police.

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Wind flowers

So I realised that when a blogger blogs they need to be accurate. I have been merrily running past the little white flowers believing them to be aconite. They are crowding the verges and filling the hedgerows. They are NOT ACONITE. They are WIND FLOWERS aka WOOD SORREL. So there. Just in case you thought … Read more


The Boston Bombing had me turning away from the television screen ‘Some of you may find the images disturbing’ said Sophie the newsreader. It wasn’t so much the images I found disturbing as the incredulity of fifteen seconds of devastation that has ruined the lives of hundreds of people. Domestic, Foreign, Al Quaeda, or Right … Read more

Death at the Ritz

I have finally mowed the lawn.
Cleared the woodshed.
My mothers three plants have just about survived the coldest of times. although I’m not too happy about the Rosemary.
I have taught the old man how to make soup, and by gum he’s good at it, we’ve been dining off Squash soup with turmeric and chili.
Last night I bought up a whole Italian meal from Camisa in Soho. The dawter and I drove home and five of us dug into – artichokes,zucchini, aubergine and freshly made pastas.
Not to mention the best Italian Jammy Dodgers ever.

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